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Lucky Pervert-koji by MrCluckYou
Lucky Pervert-kojiby MrCluckyou
COTE, but your best boy is a lucky pervert like most other Harem protagonists. He still has a similar mindset though but in his eyes, he does not believe he is lucky, mo...
A Monster's Influence: Route B by HundredBlossoms
A Monster's Influence: Route Bby El Guapo
Ayanokouji has obtained his freedom - absolute freedom, that is. Free from his burden, he is able to relax for the first time in his life. However, it doesn't feel right...
Random COTE reaction by BERSAFIE
Random COTE reactionby Bersafie
This is not a normal reaction fanfic I added some things so basically its my au Timeline y1 vol 3 after island exam
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Of Class B [On Hiatus] by ichinoseayano
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka Of Class B [On...by ichinoseayano
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka the sole survivor of the Demonic 4th Generation finishes the tasks he was given in the white room way too early. The white room facility satisfied wit...
Chaoskouji by Debankle
Chaoskoujiby Debankle
After realising how dull the rest of his classmates are, and how they could mess up his life, Ayanokouji decides to have some fun in high school instead, giving up on hi...
The light of my life by Djdudeofficial
The light of my lifeby Djdudeofficial
Hey there everyone this is my first fanfic so go easy on me ..... that aside this an Ayanokoji X Ichinose fanfiction . Judging by the description you can already guess h...
The Quintessential quintuplets in ANHS by shadowmonarch325
The Quintessential quintuplets in...by 綾小路清隆
I am including Kiyo x Quints here. He will tutor them and slowly they will fall in love with him Kiyo will be some OC here. And, also I am removing Kei. No offence Kei s...
Shop Ayanokoji by N8Pancake
Shop Ayanokojiby N8 Pancake
This is a fanfic about Ayanokoji opening a cute store in Keyaki Mall. its very slice of life and just an overall relaxed work.
COTE React: Demonic 4th Ayanokoji by JayAckerman20
COTE React: Demonic 4th Ayanokojiby JayAckermon20
A COTE reaction to Ayanokoji and his demonic bond with the Espada Ulquiorra Cifer(Bleach fans rise up).And watch his life from his POV. And I know people in the comments...
Cote: The Brutal Masterpiece by 9crimsonsage
Cote: The Brutal Masterpieceby 9CrimsonSage
What if Ayanokoji had chosen to take the role of a brutal monster. Ayanokoji will be going all out and will be more brutal than the devil himself. He will break people b...
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 1 ) by GiKaRa_
Kiyotaka Of Class B ( Year 1 )by GiKaRa_
Kiyo x honami ship Since Most of the good Class B Fanfics are on hiatus , And the rest are Delaying updates , I Got Bored and decided to do it myself THE BEST KIYO IN CL...
Cote Reacts to Ayanokouji's Toolbox by Imaperson4530
Cote Reacts to Ayanokouji's Toolboxby HiyoriWorshipper
Ayanokouji and Co are transported to another dimension, where a God agrees to let them go back, on the condition that they watch a film starring ALL of Ayanogod's tools...
White Room Masterpiece : The Reaction by ejjs27
White Room Masterpiece : The React...by Jasmine Sky
The entire 2nd year were informed to go to the gymnasium for an important announcement, but when they arrived, they met a figure, and with a snap, isolated the group fro...
There for Me by Hajime322
There for Meby Hajime
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. The name alone is enough to make my heart flutter and skip beats. Our journey together didn't truly begin until the start of our second year at Tok...
Kiyopon Can't Communicate! by Kawaii_Lumine
Kiyopon Can't Communicate!by Lumi-chan!
Basically a Kiyopon that refuses to talk unless he deems it necessary. Scenes from the LN altered to fit how I want this story to progress. Will also add my own scenes...
The Darkness he Carries by tjones951
The Darkness he Carriesby Worldkeeper
A reaction fanfic where the 2nd year student body will react to the White room, specifically the 4th generation. However, it will be a little less cliché( no god or deit...
A simple Reaction fic based on Light Novel - Classroom of the Elite The Reactions will be Canon based
Classroom of the Elite: Reaction by KavkaShin
Classroom of the Elite: Reactionby Kavka21
Karuizawa Kei and the other first year students receive a mysterious message that takes them to the theater, where they are told to watch something they would never have...
Classroom of the elite: Random Stuff by sjhhghjsgjhs
Classroom of the elite: Random Stu...by sjskhskj
As the title says, this fanfiction is going to be a bunch of random stuff put together. There will be reactions, crossovers and small talks or whatever I write. Nothing'...
COTE God Of Class D  by keibestgirl_
COTE God Of Class D by Izayoi-Senpai
kiyotaka won't be a loner he will be quite popular and will not hold back.Enjoy I will try to update every week on saturdays. ❤️