Reaction: I want to be free (1)

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3rd Person POV

Inside the theatre many were just watching along, praise and words of contempt didn't appear but rather they felt unified.

Unified in the belief that Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was a universal threat and should be eliminated at all costs, a vague reason for that notion?

They witnessed his past, or rather an alternate version of it. One without the star of the video that is about to be shown, and with the absence of Ayanokouji; they will never know which one is true.

Ayanokouji was in another room scanning the spectrum of students viewing his past life with disgust, at first it was looks of pity but now it transitioned into looks of disgust at everything. They saw things that were completely different from the video that will be shown soon.

The contrast of the Ayanokouji shown will be like night and day when comparing both videos, they viewed the 'bad' timeline, now they are going to view the 'good' timeline. The one with Suzuki Shizuku...

Arisu: "No way... this is disgusting..."

Chiaki: 'I can't believe this... this is repulsive...'

Kei: 'No... No... why? Please stop... why Kiyotaka? Why?'

Tears fell from her eyes as feelings of betrayal were written on her face.

Horikita: 'This is the guy I blackmailed? This is the guy who wanted to make friends? Who wanted to befriend me and who I considered my first friend?'

She gritted her teeth as she watched the screen bitterly, all an attempt to stop her crying.

Sakayanagi recoiled in her seat as her face was as white as paper, not only hers but of most of the students. The teachers looked at the screen, more specifically the two female teachers. Their eyes stained with tears as they now only looked at the screen with pain ridden all over their face.

The males just averted their eyes from the screen as they weren't able to move to protect the students, their words frozen as they couldn't muster up the words and phrases to help their students.

Mashima: 'The students... I am so sorry that you have to witness this, but Ayanokouji kun... just why?'

Sakagami: 'I think I am going to vomit, this is too much. Even for us, the students. I'm so sorry...'

What was shown on the screen was something that nobody was meant to see, the earlier gazes of pity now turned into those of hatred, as they watched Ayanokouji sexually assaulting an instructor, a scene so graphic that all her misdeeds she had done before were forgotten as the posse inside the theatre switched.

Ryuenn: 'Fucking bastard, I said I will beat you. Now all I want to do is kill you...'

Ibuki: 'When we were trapped together all those times, he could have done something to me... why was I so stupid to challenge him?!'

She shook as the screams from the video registered deep within her brain...

Ibuki: 'Make it stop! Make it stop!!!'

All this went on for 30 minutes, a long 30 minutes where many vomited and many cried, their glares and thoughts at the screen being of pure ire and sadness.

Until it abruptly ended...

The screen went black to then turn on again, a bright light shining as the deity that brought them there appeared to them. At the sight of him the students snapped out of their daze and started hurling insult and profanity towards the deity.

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