I started dreaming...

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I was currently at home, my dorm which I had become accustomed to now harboured my spirit. I was happy to be given such freedom, it wasn't as if I could complain; I had what I came here for.

It's nearly Christmas now and I dealt with him, as I think about it my troubles really aren't over yet. I had dealt with Ryuenn but he will be back soon to try another scheme. However, I guess these few days of peace would surely alleviate some tension from my shoulders.

I had a date, but I wasn't really keen on going. I was definitely not in the mood to be sweeping around in the snow being led on by a girl who I harboured no feelings for.

It's harsh to think this way, but I wanted this date to be over quickly.

"It's tired I'm late..." I muttered.

The clock minute hand slowly approached the hour mark. I turned to my side as I closed my eyes, I was a bit fatigued; I stayed up too late as I went over when I usually slept.

As I closed my eyes, the blankness of the night took over and my drowsiness caused me to slowly drift off into slumber.

I didn't know when it began until I saw her face again, I always awaited her coming as if she was a messenger or a seeker. I didn't seem patient at all when I wanted to meet her again.

My dreams have become strange lately and I can't shake this thought that maybe I was going insane. I couldn't stop seeing her face over and over again, as if it was an infinite loop that I was unable to escape.

I didn't loathe these dreams, I don't think I could. I was met with a gentle smile every time after all, I didn't even understand why this woman in my dreams would be smiling at me.

We never spoke but she turned to me every time with a smile, a smile that I didn't feel comforted by. It was weirdly strained, the corners of her smile always twitched as if she tired to stifle a laugh.

As she tuned to me, I turned away. Every time I did so I would hear a noise, like the crackles and hisses of a snake. I dared to look back every time, but I was always met with that cold gaze.

The woman who was smiling at me so candidly switched to that. I didn't get it, I woke up every time after a deep blackness veiled my perspective in my dreams. I woke up in puddles of sweat every night since then and every night the same thing occurred.

I don't know who this woman is, I don't know why she would smile towards me to only change the next second. I was in this state for two weeks now, every night the same story and I had to wake up in delirium.

"Hey..." I spoke out towards her.

I spoke to her and no response came, with that I wanted to shout at her to respond. Demand an answer as to explain why she was intruding in my dreams.

This beautiful woman, I always noticed that beauty. I couldn't keep my gaze away from her until I turned, I wanted to keep on looking at her but my body swayed and turned away from her every time.

It's never natural for a person to be so aware in dreams, especially every night. However, I wish I could still dream this way for a bit longer; I don't want to just keep on looking at her only for her to smile.

I didn't want to speak and no response would come. If anything, a slight bit more of acknowledgment would make me seem less obsessed. I even had her on my mind during the day.

When I wasn't asleep her smiling face always poked at me and I was unfocused. I wanted her to speak, just one word.

Yet, that silence remained where only our eyes met each others. I turned away, this whole dream where I wished for her to talk was fruitless.

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