I hate you 5

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"So Kei, how have you been?" I asked as I sat across from her, she merely looked down.

"Not alright, but you already know that." She replied, smiling wryly before she lifted her head up to face me. "You always saw through me so there is no point lying." She added, her hands I could tell were trembling.

"I see..." I muttered before I put my fingers on my chin and did a thinking pose. "You know, you can be more honest with me. Did you miss me?" I asked softly, a fake smile plastered on my face as she looked at me.

"Ever since you left, I've felt empty." She answered before she breathed in, breathing out a deep sigh. "Hahh... what are we Kiyotaka? You never gave me any closure. You just said it and left." She continued as she faced me with glossy eyes.

"I also, don't know what we are. What do you think we are Kei?" I sent the question back to her in a serious tone.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend." She said like it was a fact, her tone so serious that it overwhelmed my own. "Try and deny it, from my memory. Neither of us said yes to the breakup." She continued as she peered into my eyes.

"I broke up with you Karuizawa." I affirmed, matching her gaze as I dropped her given name.

"My name is Kei, don't call me by my family name Kiyotaka." She responded with a glare.

"Why should I call you by your given name, it's no use if we aren't close." I rebuked as I rested my chin on my hand and adopted a bored expression.

"We are still close, we are boyfriend and girlfriend." She said with a raised tone.

"We aren't, I broke up with you Karuizawa and you know why." I dropped my gaze to hers, switching my demeanour as I sat up and glared at her. "You do know what you did, why I broke up with you." I repeated my words, staring deeply into her eyes as she started trembling a bit.

"I made a mistake, that happens in relationships! We can always talk through it!" She exclaimed as she tried to offer me something.

"Yes, we could, but I won't, you messed up. I'm just protecting myself here." I replied.

But instead of listening to me she lunged at me and grabbed my collar.

"You are lying! You aren't sad or upset! I know I messed up and I regret every bit of it every single day! But I don't lie! I am not lying right now!" A tear streamed down her cheek as she bent her head down. "I-I just, I didn't know okay? I didn't know why I did it... I regret everything... I don't know what we are but we are for sure not broken up." She finished as a stream of tears left her eyes.

I just sat there watching her, she kept on sobbing; wiping away her tears as she sniffled. Unable to remain composed as she shook uncontrollably, gasping for air as she held onto the chair for support.

I didn't offer any help, I just watched.

"You done Karuizawa?" I asked in a raised voice.

"I-I no! How am I- why are yo- why are you so calm?!" She screamed as she held her chest.

"Because I am not the one that is bawling their eyes out because they didn't get what they wanted. What do you think I want?" I responded with my chin laid on the top of my hands.

"I don't know okay. I just know what I want and that is you." She replied as she stared at me with a stoic expression.

"After you threw me away?" I said and she looked at me hopefully.

"Yes, that's all I want." She replied and the corners of her lips turned upwards.

"Then, can you do something for me?" I glanced at the computer. "It's just very short." I said.

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