YAGAMI x tsubaki

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3rd person POV

In the white room up to 60 children, with an equal split between male and female are trained inside the white room facilities. Each put into generations of their own as the white room deemed so through their protocol. Many of whom were subject to years of pain and hurt, inside the white walls nobody would hear them crying; but those who did looked at them as if they were nothing. It's white walls tainted with their cries of anguish, blood soaked tears and lost emotions of these children. With no method to escape from this hell, many died, many prayed for salvation, but most of all many yearned for retribution.

Many sought comfort in their own shell of their mind, too broken to respond to anyone else but the demands and orders of their instructors, there was no common courtesy but apathy towards these poor beings.

However there were some that found solace in others, specially two who stuck together through thick and thin to become the best of the best in their generation. A story akin to their predecessors in the demonic fourth generation.

Those two students who found peace in each other company: Yagami Takuya and Sakurakou Tsubaki.

Unlike their predecessors both survived and among their peers they were both respected as the strongest.

But their reasons for becoming the strongest stretches past their 'friendship'. In fact it had to do with a monster, the demon of the fourth generation and the last survivor: Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

Ever since Yagami heard his name he felt a numbing rage that spread to his friend Tsubaki.

His instructors despite his ability, never praised, never gave him an approving glance nor gesture of respect towards him. He knew how they were, to him the instructors were monsters. Until he heard of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

The way they compared Yagami to Ayanokouji made him feel lesser than him, their words ringing in his head day and night.

"He will always be better than you."

Of course he wasn't the only one affected by the chastisement, many of his peers felt the same as him, but the one that sympathised with Yagami the most was his best friend Tsubaki.

Eventually the generation split, many started worshipping Ayanokouji as a God which was led by Amasawa Ichika who was the third best in the generation. Whilst Yagami and the rest looked at him with seething hatred.

Both Yagami and Tsubaki felt unable to reach Ayanokouji and as a result relied on each other to become stronger.

Their bond with each other deepened throughout the years and their understanding of each other did as well.

Yagami kept a stoic face throughout his training but his emotions were still there.

Tsubaki was a monotone existence who only wanted to stand by Yagamis side and become stronger with him. Hoping one day they would escape the white room.

Her reason for hating Ayanokouji boiled down to Yagamis perception of him.

She actually felt neutral towards Ayanokouji.

That was until she saw Yagami having a mental breakdown over him.

The words of the instructors chipped away at his rationality and the penance was dire. Yagami kept on muttering Ayanokoujis name in despair. The despair in his words had now awoken Tsubaki from her daze.

She had never seen him like that, her thoughts were a mess and her legs wouldn't move until the despair hit her like a truck.

She rushed to him, wrapping her arms around him, sweet words of comfort leaking from her mouth.

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