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I fucking love this ship.
MightyAsmodeus you gave B0bAsWoRD inspiration for his one shot Which gave me the inspiration for my own version and you might notice some similarities to their version. Please tell me if you like it.
Starts in Y2 V2


Another day and another sad Ken.

'Sigh' seriously he really needs to give up Horikita chan, that girl won't ever give him a chance.

Right now we were sitting inside Ken's dorm, he invited me over to play games, but I made the stupid decision to ask about Horikita chan.

Well I don't think he liked my question at all.

"Oi Ken, why don't you just give up on Horikita chan?"

Ken: "Huh?? Why should I? It's not as if she has a b-boyfriend right?!"

Well shit, now he dropped the controller completely and was looking at me with inquisitive eyes.

Damn that's a long word, gotta thank Horikita chan for the English lessons.

Anyways, right now his eyes were begging me for answer, and I decided to be brutally honest with him.

"Think Ken think, it's already been over a year and you have made no progress in your relationship with her other than calling Horikita chan by her first name which she doesn't reciprocate...

I paused, as his friend I needed this to get into his head.

Face it Ken you have no chance."

He looked at me with empty eyes, it seems he was thinking about what to do.

He's a lost cause.

But the next words that he spoke surprised me.

Ken: "I know, I know that I have no chance. But what else can I do there is no other girls that I am close with, I just really like her and I want to be with her."

I have got an amazing idea!

Ike Kanji, you sexy genius! Let's help our friend out.

"Then how about you meet someone else, why not go on a blind date with a girl. Who knows you may hit it off with her."

Ken looked at me in surprise, it seems he hasn't thought of that yet.

Ken: "But who would want to go on a blind date? What happens if they see me and run away?"

Hehe, you have no idea about what I am about to do.

I am going to ask for assistance from the love guru himself.

That lucky bastard: Ayanokouji Kiyotaka!

"Hehe, there should be no problem as I am going to ask for help from someone who should be well versed in the world girls. Somehow..."

Ken looked anxious, it seems he didn't like the idea of including a third party.

Ken: "Well, who is going to help me Kanji?"

"It will be none other than Ayanokouji Kiyotaka!"

Ken: "Seriously Ayanokouji? What can he do to help me?"

"He will help me find a girl for you to go on a blind date with! Aren't you happy Ken?"

Ken: "I still have second thoughts about this, are you sure he can help?"

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