My kanojo cheated on me with my senpai, so i cheated on her with senpais kanojo

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3rd Person POV

It all happened so suddenly for him, the phone that he was holding onto, the messages, the contents of the conversation.

Two years had passed since he enrolled into this school.

With many goals to fulfil and a mindset for success he hoped for a peaceful life that would allow him to indulge in such a fantasy.

To learn many things that he wasn't able to in 'that place'. He wanted to learn everything.

His curiosity had no bounds, his desire to rekindle a flame that would ignite a wealth of opportunities for him to learn.

Sadly that proved to be more difficult than he thought.

Trapped in a bigger cage, he had to make use of the things around him to survive.

He had no emotion, no sentiment, no feeling.

But that all changed when she came into the picture.

He didn't know at the time, how precious she would become to him.

What started as a relationship of the one being used by the user.

Like a tool to its mechanic, he commanded it, moved, pressured and mastered it.

However he had one goal that he wanted to fulfil, the goal to love and he hoped that love would reignite the dormant flame inside his heart.

He hoped that Karuizawa Kei would help him regain everything he lost.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend, the relationship they had was special to both him and her.

Karuizawa loved him, after everything he did for her; she accepted that feeling.

However, four months into their relationship things have started to change.

She became more distant, more callous, just a different person to the boy.

He didn't know what happened or why she was like this.

She never talked about it, rather she ignored it. Pretending like everything was fine, her words which were full of lies didn't sway Ayanokouji. He wanted to know but he also didn't want to pry into it.

He did research with internet sensei and many things came up.

'She is unhappy.'

'She is dealing with something, go help her.'

'She is cheating.'

That last statement, it made Ayanokoujis eyes widen in shock.

He didn't believe that Karuizawa might have done such a thing.

However, his curiosity had peaked...

Remembering those results he had realised he had stumbled upon a golden opportunity, three days later he was with his girlfriend inside his dorm.

He looked around his room, Karuizawa was taking a shower.

They were having an indoor date.

This was the first time they had met during the whole week, it was a Friday. Last time Ayanokouji invited her over on Tuesday but she declined.

She said that she was feeling under the weather.

He offered to take care of her, but Karuizawa declined him once again.

He left it at that.

Nothing eventful happened that day.

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