Alcohol on ALCOHOL on AlcOhOL

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Kamuro POV

"Do you... want to hang out sometime?"

I let those word flow freely from my mouth, the sight in front of me provided me with free eye candy.

Dammit! , he is soo hot!

That chiseled body of his...

Those pulsating muscles, his vascular build, that serious demeanour of his whilst he was working out.

I didn't expect this from him, he is a completely different person from what I see everyday...

He looked like he was a scrawny boy underneath his uniform, but seeing him now he looks like a complete beast!

Is it the alcohol that is making me see him this way?

I mean I can't obviously forget about his performance in the relay race...

But looking back on it I am most definitely embellishing it a bit...

Come on Masumi!

Get a grip of yourself!

I only drank three beers... I shouldn't be drunk right?


He heard me, I didn't even say hello or greeted him good morning!

But luckily he had earphones on, nonetheless he must have heard my voice, let's hope he didn't hear the contents of what I actually said.

He had turned around to face me.

Ayanokouji: "Huh? You are up early Kamuro, hello. You said something didn't you? Care to repeat it for me?"

He stopped his workout and took off his earphones, my goodness he looks ethereal.

The sweat trickling down his neck, take off your shirt!

Take off your shirt!

No! Don't! This is drunk Masumi talking.

How in the hell am I drunk?!

I only drank three beers this morning!

Wait a second! It's 5am! Goddammit Masumi are you an idiot?!

Why in the hell am I even out here?!

Why are you even out here?

Ayanokouji: "Earth to Kamuro, you there?"

Well I was just drinking inside my dorm walking around drinking again and walking around.

Doing nothing inappropriate at all, that isn't the reason why that thing is wet, I just dropped it in water that's all!

Now why was I out here?

Wait a second! I remember now...

I was gonna ste-



I looked at my assailant, how dare this marshmallow hurt me?!

"What was that for you stupid brown teddy bear!"

I pointed my finger at the boy

He tilted his head and pointed at himself.

Yes it is you! You sexy idiot!

"Who else? We are the only ones here brown haired muscle boy

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