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3rd Person POV

His fingers trailed across the piano in a masterpiece of finesse and quality, his mundane eyes for once changing into a gleam.

With perfection in the making, harmonious in rhythm and sentiment; he played masterfully. Feelings that could only be conveyed through music alone, feelings that weren't spoken of but rather shown.

Implicit in nature and free in terms of will, his fingers commanded the instrument. His eyes scanning the piano as he stared fixedly without breaking his gaze. Perfecting his melody, tuning his sounds, creating an ensemble so majestic to one ears that one could not turn away at the sound of it.

Thoughts and emotions were played through sound, mastery of the instrument was being shown at its finest form.

The sounds were shown to be the peak of the boys talent, years of playing and practice led to this demonstration of raw skill and talent.

It was music to ones ears, bliss to ones soul.

With a crescendo to complete it, the climax of the pianos tune ended not with a resounding calmness but a hearty high.

Only silence came afterwards, the performance had ended. The boys eyes opened to look at his surroundings, nobody was there...

Or that is what the boy thought until a resounding applause coming from the darkness, apparently one person was lucky enough to bear witness to the boys impromptu concert.

His eyes immediately moved to where the applauses came from, eyes like a hawk his performance demonstrated his proficiency and talent. The piece he played only belonged to him, his piece.

It was a piece of his life that no one else should know of, a piece of her life.

A piece that was meant to be a duet...

A piece that held everything dear to him, every lost feeling, emotion or sentiment was put into this when it was made.

Now he plays it to feel something, it was a song made specifically for him and her.

But now it only belonged to him...

To him the song was a reminder of the past, a past that he already dealt with; through bitter nonchalance and indifference. It was a past that he didn't dwell on anymore as now he used the songs as a means to move forward, each emotion or feeling pushed him forward.

This song meant many things to him, but in reality it meant that she was still residing in his heart and in his mind. Something that he wouldn't change, a notion that he will always keep the same.

The song made one stronger, it made them stronger than they seem...

Out of the corner of the room came out the the mystery spectator, her body adorned in casual clothes and her free moving long blonde hair gave way to who the girl might be.

In fact, Ayanokouji already knew who it was...

Nanase Tsubasa, once an enemy of the boy now an ally.

Both lost someone important to them, both looked for ways to cope.

But Ayanokouji already had one, he already moved on. His mind wasn't in the past anymore, he only looked forward.

Nanase was a different story, she couldn't move on yet. She stilled missed him, she never got to...

Tell the truth.

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