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Right now in the campus of ANHS. One particular student was moving out of his old dorm into his new dorm. A new dorm where he and his kids will now reside, although opposed to the responsibility of being a parent, he took on the role for them.

Three kids, two girls and a boy. Each having very different personalities.

The pink haired girl known as Aiko was the more emotional of the two and deeply cared for her two siblings.

The brown haired girl known as Saya had a very special attachment to the both of them and usually acted as the spokesperson for her sister Aiko. Having an eye for mischief and a childish attitude, she was seen as the bridge between her brother and sister.

The boy known as Izumi inherited many of his fathers traits, a keen eye for knowledge and often acting as the spokesperson for the trio of siblings instead of the duo he can be seen as the caretaker of his sisters. Mostly because he cared the most about them, his love for his sisters was much stronger and he vowed to protect them from harm. A simple wish that he wanted to fulfil.

Although having many differently aspects, they both shared an undeniable trait between eachother. That was loyalty.

That alone made them siblings, if not by blood then by loyalty.

Now they were living in a new world.

With their new 'Papa' they felt liberated from the shackles of the place known as 'The White Room'.

As such they now wanted to take advantage of this chance at a new life, a new life of flavour that they had no idea was possible.

A new life with their papa, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

"Was that really all I had in my room?" I thought.

On the ground there were four boxes filled with my clothing, bedsheets, towels and other miscellaneous items.

I didn't bother to bring the mattress as I'm pretty sure that there would be a new mattress at my new dorm anyway. Although I really want it as that mattress was really soft.

Carrying the four boxes, I made my way to my new dorm.

I decided to take the elevator as it would be too difficult to carry these up a couple of flights of stairs.

After some time I arrived at the front of my dorm, eyeing the door handle as I set the box down with the rest of the pile that accumulated beside me. I reached for the handle and upon opening the door I was greeted with my new dorm.

"I am back!" I called out to the kids with my monotone voice, I waited for their reply but nothing came back.

Instead of a joyous response I was greeted with a depressing silence.

"Weird..." I thought

"Hey are you guys there?" I called out once and once again there was silence, I was starting to get worried.

I decided to look around my dorm, in every room there was no one. In the kitchen, the food that was once there was gone.

"Aiko... that glutton." I raised my hand to my forehead.

'Hahh...' I sighed, feeling exasperated wondering where they could be, that was when a thought appeared in my head and I quickly glanced at the door.

"Oh no, no no no no." I slowly moved towards the door with heavy steps, facing the truth of my worst fears.

"They left the dorm..." I unintentionally muttered the words.

Right now in the campus of ANHS three kids were wandering around aimlessly. They grew bored of the dorm and with all the food gone due to their appetite there wasn't much else to do.

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