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"So this was what he meant by surprise..." I looked at the kids. "It wasn't pleasant! It's unpleasant! I'm too young to take care of kids." I thought.

"Hahh..." I sighed inwardly.

"I honestly why do I have such bad luck, I may have been able to cope with one kid, but three? Yeah as if I'll ever be able to do that..." I wondered. "I don't even know their names yet and what Tsukishiro told them; the information I have at my disposal is subliminal." I continued with my thoughts until the boy who was clutching my leg was pulled away from me and made to line up side to side with his sisters.

The three rascals were now standing in front of me, I guess it won't hurt to ask their names.

"Can you please tell me your names?" I asked, trying to form a soft tone.

"Well let's start with that." I thought.

"Waaahhh!!!" A loud wail came out of one of the girls, the boy and girl beside him exchanged looks before they too started wailing as well.

"Wh-What the hell? Why are they crying?" I shook my hands softly like those guys in movies.

"Papa is a meanie he doesn't even recognise his own children, wahhhh." The pink haired girl was crying heavily, the other two were crying but not as much, it seems she's the most sensitive.

"Oh crap I need to stop the crying." I thought.

"Hey don't cry." That's all I could say. I didn't exactly have any other way of calming them down. I tried to mask my voice with soothing comfort but it didn't work as they still cried.

"What exactly am I supposed to do?" I pondered. "Oh wait..." I looked at the top of their heads. "When god gives you hands you headpat! And that is exactly what I am going to do." I slowly approached the pink haired girl, she lifted her head up to look at me, her face was stained with tears.

"Damn I am a terrible father." I thought before I shook my head. "Hold on I am not their father!" I stopped and eyed their figures.

'Hahh...' I inwardly sighed once again, I quickly glanced at the two other siblings and saw them watching me with puzzled expressions.

"Well...I guess here goes nothing." I put my hand on her head and gave her a headpat, rustling her hair in the process as the two other kids had their mouths open whilst the girl I was currently giving headpats to slowly grew quieter.

*Pat* *Pat*

Her crying had stopped and so did the other two kids, what replaced the wailing was the sound of the three kids sniffles and the wind.

The atmosphere around us was quiet until I felt a tense tinge coming from the direction of two people, I quickly averted my eyes from the girl under my hand an eyed the two siblings.

They were narrowing their eyes at her with jealousy visible on their faces, their faces blown up into two round cheeks as they pouted at her.

"Cuteness overload! I guess I have to act properly, just so they won't cry again." I cleared my throat.

"I'm sorry for not knowing your names, can you please tell me it now?" I asked with as soft a tone I could muster.

I surveyed all three of them and waited for their responses, the pink haired girl who was currently still under my hand responded to me albeit in a whisper.

"Aiko, my name is Aiko Papa." She stated.

"My name is Saya." She said in a matter of fact tone the brown haired girl stated.

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