Reaction: TRUTH REVEALED @RedWerewolf1604

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3rd Person POV

Shock and horror...

Fear and terror...

Disillusion and unease...

Inside the theatre were many negative emotions and feelings, the theatre was the play area of a god who loved to toy with everyone.

The behind the scenes videos which already caused distress and worry already provided a rift in trust between everyone, it was uncanny that many people were confused. But that video...

That monologue had changed everything, the viewpoint of whether he was normal or not was shifted and now he was viewed as a... monster.

The first year students of ANHS and their respective teachers bore witness to the, banality shown from the videos.

The eyes of dullness and darkness which came from the screen, the aura of loss and ambiguity, the atmosphere that gripped everyone and caused their bodies to freeze...

All were caught up in the storm that was Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, that since the first day they had been nothing but mere tools and playthings to him... in a way he was similar to the god, the only difference being was that he had shown everything.

But since he hid it so well... it caused, terror.

P: "You will now be reacting to something that came up because I wanted t so, but I will be asking you first... how do you all feel?"

The god ended his announcement with a question, although he knew what they felt he wanted to see whether anyone would voice them out.

Yet no one did, a resounding silence encompassed the students and the teachers, seeing that the god sighed and decided to announce something else, his booming voice causing the students who were in a daze to perk up and listen.

P: "I am quite disappointed, nonetheless the reaction shall continue...

The god paused and grinned, his sadistic aura emanating from him caused the students to look at him warily.

You shall be reacting to your future, or more precisely 'The future'."

Finishing his announcement, he once again scanned over the crowd and found them all confused.

No other words were said except for wayward glances at eachother to convey their confusion, shrugging if shoulder and rolling eyes, the students started to recompose themselves so that they could see a "glimpse" of their future.

The students of all the classes had many members who were analysing the contents of the last video, notable figures that reigned over their class and some who had a major influence to be classified as a threat.

Many students glanced back and forth between the boy and the screen.

The boy I question just sitting here with his usual apathetic expression with his arms crossed as he stared mercilessly at the screen, not even sparing a glance at anyone else.

The god who was overlooking the event, reverted back to the catatonic state he was in earlier, any questions being thrown towards him would remain unanswered.

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