Come back to me... (3)

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Perhaps this change was good for me, I had him in my sights and the boy who was my future was stuck with me. Luck had smiled upon me, the eyes that were once averted had turned and graced me.

It was unfortunate, but I began this whole process. I had started everything and even then; nothing would stop me. I would become Ayanokouji Honami, killing was an option but it didn't need to be applied. Pressuring me wouldn't be a good thing for them, if I wanted something then I would get it.

"So smile.... Why are you afraid? Kiyo?" I glanced downwards towards the boy I had mounted.

A twisted grin was plastered on my face before I leaned down. It wasn't as if I was going to kiss him or use him, I just wanted to do something less assertive. That's why I leaned towards his ear, trickling sweet poison into his mind. It wasn't as if he would budge, he only stared at me with that cold suffocating gaze. A look on him that I loved and cherished.

He had no idea of what I could do, the power vested within me. I could control him with my free will, use him without anyone suspecting it. The best way I found for this use was through an item, the gift I presented to him was laced with my own control and conviction. Once he touched it, he became mine.

This whole possession of a power that was beyond me came suddenly. I had no time to perfectly get adjusted to it, but I knew that I could use it wherever I saw fit. I loved controlling Kiyo, he was so simple and complex that maintaining him by my side nearly became a vice. However, seeing as to how obedient he has become I felt less and less enamoured by him.

Perhaps this whole gift was disguised as a curse, day by day I started noticing more of his fatigue and loss of passion. The spell I had cast on him seemingly wearing off, but he always came back to me. I stopped trying to please myself and tried to adhere to his needs, he started getting better but that same passion from before was nearly lost and gone. Marooned with no possibility for me to see it again.

Simply put, I was completely deflated. This whole situation I had put him in was backfiring on me. I wanted to be his future, ever since he helped me I became so aware of him. Even before that his maturity and calmness struck me, I had become infatuated with him so quickly that escape was hard to achieve.

"Stop..." A groan came from him, a simple noise that pushed my train of thought away.

I stared blankly at him, the boy who had pathetic tears in his eyes. The boy who had grasped onto my wrist weakly with quivering lips. I gave him back everything, my power of control enabled me to get a glimpse of his past. I think that it was when he revealed himself to me that I started losing affection for him.

I unmounted him and sat beside him before the silence deepened, he had grown still with a stare directed only at the ceiling of my bedroom.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Three knocks reverberated in my ears, I quickly got off the bed leaving the frozen Kiyo. I headed to the door of my dorm and looked through the peephole, finding a very surprising visitor.

"Hello." I greeted her with a smile after I opened the door.

"Good evening Ichinose san." She replied, standing firmly opposite me.

"Umm... why don't you come in?" I moved to the side and made a small gesture.

"Gladly, we need to talk." She answered, her tone so serious that I put up my guard.

She took off her shoes and then made her way into the living room, before complimenting it. I smiled in return at her comments before I beckoned her to sit down on the couch, she went and sat before crossing her leg over the other.

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