@Fuutaro63. "REJECTION"

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This one shot is not mine!
It belongs to Fuutaro63 I just edited it and they let me post it here.

No kiyokei.
They're just friends.

Ayanokouji POV

It was the end of the second island exam, my classmates were ecstatic.

I mean... why wouldn't they be, after all our class received a heap of class points thanks to the efforts of koenji.

I went to railing overlooking the endless horizon of the ocean, staring at the clear blue sky. Boundless as my the blue stretched across what my eyes could behold.

With my hands on the rails I recounted my experience on the island and what had occurred on the last few days. I delved deeper and deeper into my thoughts until a notification from my phone broke me out of it.

I reached into my pockets and took out my phone to see that I received a text message.

[please come to the deck of the ship at 8 pm]

A message appeared on my phone from an unexpected, expected person. I hadn't thought that she would make contact this early. Frankly given her demeanour, I expected a couple of days would pass before she decided to do this.

At first when I heard the beep I thought that it was just chabashira sensei contacting me to blackmail me again.

Frankly if it was then I would find it much more arduous for me the man it already has been, when I am supposed to relax...

Chabashira sensei had all the rights to requisition me after I asked for her help, but the message didn't come from her.

I decided to reply to my messenger.

[I am already here, I will be waiting.] Ayanokouji.

After a few minutes of waiting I heard footsteps coming up from behind me.

I turned around to be faced with Ichinose Honami. The leader of the new class C, a person widely known as the most popular student in our year, maybe the whole year.

We made eye contact with eye with eachother, her pink fluorescent hair fluttering in wind with the sun shining upon her, her figure looked ethereal. That despite the attire she had, her beauty hadn't diminished one bit, rather the surroundings enhanced it.

Taking a deep breath she prepared herself for what she was about to say.

I bet most boys in this school would give anything in the world just to be in my position

"A-ayanokouji kun p-please be my boyfriend".

Her eyes were filled with hope...

Her mouth slightly agape and her hair fluttering in the wind.

i closed my eyes

I already made up my mind...

Ichinose who was a girl that was always cheerful, one who can took the anger of others on their behalf, a woman who was kind to a fault ready to sacrifice herself to save her classmates.

Anybody would be lucky to have her, however she's not strong enough...

She couldn't stand by my side, although Tsukishiro was out of the picture, others were ready in line to replace him.

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