Different heroine (V1) PART 1

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3rd Person POV

The school of dreams to those on the outside, naturally with its extraordinary brochure of 100% employment prospect and university entrance. Many have come to call the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School an amazing place for students to go to. A place for the elites of society, naturally there were many young people from around Japan who wanted to get the things promoted in its brochure.

However, it is not only that which entices people to go to this school.

The school boasts a no outside contact policy.

Many may see this policy with dread.

However to those who don't it means something.

It means something dark or something they want hidden.

It means that their lives outside ANHS are severely different. It is something they wish to change.

Inside ANHS many lives are changed.

Many reinvent themselves.

Many look for that opportunity to change everything about themselves.

ANHS is that chance, many hope to enter the school for the rewards.

However, to those who enter for something else they seek that thing for which they don't have.

That something they lack is something they want the school help fill in.

Life will not be the same once they go through this school.

Life is a sacred thing to not make use of it is blasphemy.

Ayanokouji POV

This change in my heart, those buried sentiments and emotions.

Lost in the white room, but in this school they have begun to resurface.

Why is that?

Is it because of my surroundings?

Or is it because of her?

Looking at the vacant seat beside me, I had noticed my neighbour hasn't arrived yet.

Two years I have been sitting beside her.

She introduced me to many people inside the class and made a bit more sociable.

Which was completely unexpected for a person like her.

She was cute, my brain knew that.

But did my heart consider her as a member of the opposite sex?

Two years have passed and we are still sitting beside eachother, we talk about nonsensical things and that is quite alright by me.

That feeling of only wanting to talk to her was there, that sentiment of having her for myself when I needed her.

But I can't have her, when I don't deserve her.

Even when she is talking to my other classmates my eyes are drawn naturally towards her.

'Sigh' I think that I've been looking at her desk for too long...

I averted my gaze and proceeded to look around my classroom.

There was still twenty minutes until homeroom would begin.

Usually she would be here by now...

Let's not think about that for now.

I noticed Horikita and Kushida talking to eachother...


Koenji was busy brushing his hair.

As usual...

Satou Maya was repeatedly glancing in my direction.

What could she want?

Matsushita Chiaki was looking directly at me, when I turned back to face her we made eye contact, before she waved at me then averted her gaze.

I didn't get to greet her back...

The door suddenly slid open, in the doorway stood my partner in crime and best friend.

Karuizawa Kei.

We have certainly become closer after the rooftop incident, however even though I am more social my stance in class is still quite low due to my "gloominess".

That's why we barely acknowledge eachother in class.

I can't rid of my gloominess you know.

I made eye contact with her and we both conveyed our greetings.

That is quite a useful skill...

'Sigh' When is she going to come in?

It is quite boring...

Several minutes have passed, there was only 10 minutes until homeroom would begin.

I guess I can lay my head down for a bit...

It's so boring...


3rd Person POV

The boy was fast asleep, he was now completely oblivious to the world around him.

He didn't even notice the maiden that entered the classroom. The girl that sat beside him.

When she saw the boy sleeping, she giggled at the sight.

His head was laying down on his arms, his face was mostly covered apart from his mouth.

Those lips of his, his steady breathing and a smile.

He was unconsciously smiling.

That entranced the girl, she looked in awe at him.

Her face exploded in the colour of red.

She never knew the stoic boy could have a face like that.

Her mind immediately went to one thought.

"I have to take a picture of this!"

She pulled out her phone and opened the camera.

Positioning the phone to his face she took the picture.

But she made a fatal mistake...

She left the flash on and that woke up the sleeping prince.

He slowly sat up straight before turning to his side, to look at his seatmate.

Both of them made eye contact with eachother.

Ayanokouji: "What are you doing Mii-chan?"

To be continued

Authors notes

Basically a prologue.
This is the first volume, I will be making three volumes.
Each volume is for a different girl.
This is part 1 for this volume.
This is going to be hard to write as I lost all my COTE books and I am unable to grasp the girls personality without it, meaning I will have to rely on my memory. Forgive me if any characters are OOC. This was a request from CloLag99
Hope you guys enjoy this and please vote and comment feedback.
Have a blessed day and merry Christmas.

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