Sometimes one needs a listener.

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Sudo POV

I liked Horikita Suzune, everything she did for me made me look at her with affection.

My heart was dead set on making her my girlfriend, but she never looked at me that way, she never saw me as something more, she never gave me a chance.

What did I expect...

I fell for the ice queen, her glare which made people stand on their toes, her serious expression whenever she talked to people, however that didn't matter to me.

I only saw her as perfect, I was completely devoted to her...

What a fool I was, why did I have to fall for you Suzune.

Why are you in front of me looking at me like that? What do you even think of me...

I am proud of myself though, I confessed my feelings to the girl I liked, now all I have to do is wait for her answer.

The only answer...

Horikita: "Can you wait for my answer Sudo kun? This is the first time."

She said that in such a serious tone, what was I expecting.

She rejec-


I wasn't expecting this!

I lifeted myself up from the 90° bow position I was in.

"W-What do you mean Suzune?"

I sputtered that out from my mouth, I was the first person to confess to her?

Wait she said that she had to think about it...

Horikita: "Exactly what I meant, can you... possibly wait for my answer Sudo kun?"

"O-oh yes, I can wait, although I am unhappy about it."

Horikita: "What do you mean by that Sudo kun?"

Crap, she heard that.

I lied to her face, I... am unhappy with this outcome, why can't she just say yes or no?

Why lead me on?

These feelings I've held on to for so long, why can't she reciprocate it like a normal person, why can't she see me as something more?

What am I to you Suzune?

"You heard me, I am unhappy. Why can't you give me a straight answer? I want to wait but I also don't want to... so please just give me a straight answer."

She is usually straightforward in her decisions.

Horikita: "Is that so... then it seems like I have no choice. I'm sorry Sudo kun I can't reciprocate your feelings."

So her intention was to not hurt me, at least she cares for me.

But I am pissed off at how she tried to ease that pain!

Who in the hell leads someone on to stop them hurting?!

I don't like this one bit...

"Why didn't you tell me at the start Suzune? I- I only wanted a yes or a no, why lead me on?"

I feel defeated, I guess as a man I really am pathetic...

Horikita: "You wanted an answer, I tried not to lead you on, if it seemed like it then I am sorry. But know this Sudo kun, although I don't see you that way I hope that we can still... be friends."

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