Adapting (Part 4)

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3rd Person POV

Suzuki Shizuku just left the class, nobody spoke or even tried moving.

Many emotions were present inside the room, any prospect of a discussion taking place was wiped away. Everyone wanted to go home now, they wanted to forget about everything that occurred just now.

Horikita Suzune in the midst of the classes atmosphere decided to speak up.

Horikita: "Ayanokouji Kun, leave this classroom and chase after her. Bring her back here so we can discuss about the upcoming exam."

Her words were pure ice and frost, no sympathy from her was shown. Seeing the interaction between Suzuki Shizuku and Ayanokouji Kiyotaka made her disillusioned of him. Suszuki Shizuku was in her eyes the final piece needed to tame Ayanokouji, with the goal of reaching class A still in her mind she needed to use every resource presented to her to reach that goal.

Even if it meant targeting the weak, even if it meant risking everything and knocking down the class.

In the end she would win, it didn't matter if she played the game long term.

The exam presented a opportunity for the class to rise.

But without Suzuki Shizuku then the exam was doomed to fail.

The class looked at their leader, surprised by her tone of voice. They were once again reminded about who their leader was, well she did change. But for now she went back to her own narrow minded self from one year ago. Her selfish desires emanating around the class caused the class to look back and forth between their leader and the unobtrusive boy known as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

To the class, Suzuki Shizukus mental health had taken a hit. They needed to give her space to recover, when she does that is when they will discuss the exam.

Of course they wanted her here right now, but Ayanokoujis actions pushed her away.

They still remember his words...

Then it clicked, he didn't believe that the girl in front of him was Suzuki Shizuku. Upon realising it a couple of the students adopted a shocked expression.

Matsushita spoke up.

Matsushita: "Ayanokouji kun, tell us the truth who is she to you?"

Ayanokouji still didn't move, Horikitas order didn't phase him one bit. But what Matsushita said, that caused him to flinch.

Many thoughts started to rush through his mind.

Who was she to him?

Why now? Why return now?

That is Shizuku, no mistaking it now...

In his mind he already accepted that the girl that left the room was Suzuki Shizuku.

Soon enough he spoke up...

To answer Matsushita.

Ayanokouji: "She... was everything to me... but she means nothing to me now. Her feelings mean nothing to me, you heard me speak.

He paused, looking around the room to evaluate all of his classmates reaction.

Some were scared and some were sweating bullets. They were terrified by his voice, his words contained no semblance of emotion. Right now resembled a monster.

All of you heard me speak, my words contain no lies. I only spoke the truth, and in this instance you should listen to me. I hold no remorse for what I said."

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