I hate you 6

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Standing at the entrance of the gates into the school, Karuizawa Kei held her suitcase. Looking dejectedly at the ground as she waited. Her eyes brimming with tears as she clutched the handle of her suitcase. Every memory at this school flashing through her mind. Every moment of every interaction to what had happened in these past two months.

Nobody was out there with her, it was barren and the idea that maybe someone would come never came into her mind. She just stood there empty and lost as she waited.

"Hey..." A monotone voice made its way to her ears.

Turning around she was faced with a stone faced man, his golden brown orbs reflecting that same gaze of hers. However, he moved and hugged her. Startling her as his strong sturdy arms wrapped around her back.

"Kiyotaka?" She muttered as he hugged her tightly.

"I just wanted you to know, I still love you. But, in this school we won't be able to be something." He whispered into her ears as he pulled away and held her shoulders. "So..." He began, peering deeply into her eyes. "Can you wait for me?" He asked in a soft tone.

With widened eyes a gaping mouth, she nodded with tears of happiness streaming down her eyes. The earlier atmosphere of loss turning into that of love. A missing love, she was leaving and he was staying, the opposite had happened months again. He left and she stayed, but she won't be able to return.

"I'll wait for as long as I can..." She said as she leaned her head into his chest. "Thank you... for being so kind to me..." She mumbled, tears staining his shirt as he ruffled her hair.

Unfortunately, she didn't know then; she didn't know how lies worked in that context. She didn't think of it as odd, she didn't give reasoning to Ayanokoujis change in stance.

All she knew was that hope had restored itself in her heart and for the next year and a half. She waited with that hope resting in her heart and mind.

"It's been a week since then..." k mumbled as I stared at the ceiling.

Laying on my bed with my phone beside me, I had just finished agreeing on going out with Airi. Also, I had finished agreeing on going out with Honami and Maya.

"This is a troublesome situation I've put myself into..." I thought as I turned to my side.

"She has no idea..." I said in a low voice. "She'll keep on waiting, for me." I closed my eyes and pulled my blankets up as I slowly dozed off.

Yagami Takuya, once a boy that was respected by his peers turned into a target to be hated. A cheating scandal and evidence to show it. His eyes and expression that was once so candid turned sour. Nobody let him do what he wanted to do.

Just like Karuizawa, he was victim to bullying and harassment. However, it was perpetrated by everyone. The third years in the case of Karuizawa stayed away, but now when it came to Yagami, they got involved.

They remembered the post and couldn't imagine how someone so evil could exist in this school. They enacted schemes on him, his confrontations with Ayanokouji were halted completely. He couldn't perform his plans as he wanted.

Nobody would help him in the special exams. As such, Ayanokouji didn't even need to do anything, he let everyone else do it for him.

Amasawa Ichika from class 1A didn't help him, she thought of it as a suicide move; anyone who tried to befriend him was marked. Naturally, she could defend himself; but she didn't want to risk more than she could allow. Nonetheless, it turned out in her favour and she could oversee Ayanokoujis protection much better.

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