A desire from...

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3rd Person POV

Everyone has many desires, whether it be for other people or for themselves is a minor detail that needs to be explored so their cause for their desire can be shared with others. A desire for yourself can be seen as selfish if it comes at the cost of others, if one wants to become the richest in the world many factors may lead one to accomplish such a goal. Their friends, their family, their skills, but those are the variables that one can seemingly control. What about the other variables? The variables that one can't control. No one can become the richest person in the world as those outside variables will cause the downfall of ones attempt.

Love can be seen as the same thing, there are many variables in a relationship that one can control, however that is overshadowed by the outside variable that they can't control.

The desire to love is strong, but lust is much stronger.

Sex is amazing isn't it, the union of flesh, bodies colliding against eachother and in sync.

Sounds of pleasure, moans of glee and expressions of ecstasy.

One who is happy in a relationship can be defined by sexual gratification.

Those who are not are defined by true love, sex is one thing. Love is another, love resides in eachothers happiness. True love conquers all, many people desire that love.

Even he does as well...

Ayanokouji POV

I often think about the wonders in this world, how humanity and its constant flaws hadn't become extinct yet, we destroy this planet. We kill ourselves everyday and yet we are still here.

Why is that? Many people often see the world for what it is, neglecting to see the world for what it can be.

Our emotions and logic intertwine with eachother, a beautiful link which keeps our minds sane.

Logic sometimes overpowers our emotions and leads us to make inhuman decisions.

Emotions sometimes overpower logic and therefore leads us to make dubious decisions.

God created us as equal, but we are not equal.

Some say that people are only equal in death, but I would like to refute that statement.

There is one other thing makes us all equal, our desire for love.

That leads me on to my current predicament, how have I fallen in love with her?

It is a desire for her, not a want but a need.

She could teach me everything that I lost, her sweet smile, her childish antics when we are together, that intelligence of hers that sometimes makes me question how god allowed such a perfect person to exist.

She was everything I needed, she was the person that could possibly teach me love.

But I already know what it is, my growing attachment towards her, she didn't even have to teach me anything.

I already understood just by looking at her.

I loved her after all...

The times we would spend together only brought us closer and closer to eachother.

However that proved itself a great risk, we were both from different classes.

That factor was always present, but it didn't mean that we couldn't see eachother. Despite our schools way of life we adapted and right now that allowed her to stand in front of me, in my room her sweet scent filled the area around us.

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