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You Think I Can Forget It Easily? (OC X Yandere's) by GuardianLugia8
You Think I Can Forget It Easily...by GuardianLugia8
Kira is for all accounts a nice boy. Soft spoken, doesn't fight anyone and a nice personality. It is however overshadowed by his introverted personality which made him t...
Decade's Chronicle by BHongNguynL
Decade's Chronicleby GBruhsus
A fanfic based on Juukon Sentai Juusoldier of Takeda Hiromitsu. Asahi Aomiya, a boy with a tragic fate who got betrayed by his close friends... But he then got blessed b...
Reincarnated to an NTRed character by Jdragonx25
Reincarnated to an NTRed characterby Jude Heyns
A once powerful martial artist face his final opponent. A god with the proof that mortals could beat gods, but when he was about to finish the god he got an heart attack...
Broken(Ntr yandere x reader) by Albert_grace
Broken(Ntr yandere x reader)by Layaung
"A boy who got betrayed by his girl friend and family" bad grammer and little bit cringe
"I'm Done" Cheated Hiroki NTR  by SinuTheGod
"I'm Done" Cheated Hiroki NTR by Unknown
Hiroki after seeing his family and friends fuck his enemy over and over finally breaks and decides to live his life as the loser. After leaving the house so he doesn't s...
"I WANT YOU BACK!" (Yandere Cheater x Male Reader)(Ongoing) by LittleClayishIce
"I WANT YOU BACK!" (Yandere Cheate...by LittleClayishIce
Y/n L/n was once a cheerful person and his ceerfulness multiplied by 50x over as he got hid girlfriend Krista, but after a year of dating, he surprise visits his girlfri...
To end it all by NW__48
To end it allby NW
Just a simple one-shot I thought was fun to make, and I got the idea out of nowhere so here we are. Hope this pleases you, the readers. For those who know me, I might do...
revenge is sweet by Jkfatty
revenge is sweetby thefatasiangamer
follow johnny monroe, a criminal genius, everyday life after he finds that his girlfriends cheated on him.
Outcast (Yandere Cheater x Male Reader) by ChapterBlast
Outcast (Yandere Cheater x Male Re...by Chapter Blast
My First ever Co-Story with rising Author @isaacdt, He and I bring you the Story of (Y/n), we're both writing in style and flow as we write this story and make our follo...
Life Created by Your Betrayal.           Kokujin no Tenkousei Fanfic by Arcturus420
Life Created by Your Betrayal...by Arcturus420
Hiroki was betrayed by all the women in his life, he was ridiculed, he was humiliated, all his hopes were lost, but a hand reaching out among all these disasters changed...
A Life Debt (Rich cheating female x poor Male Reader) by BeforeTheFame
A Life Debt (Rich cheating female...by WhileImLosingyou
Who knew love could hurt so much...
NTR Revenge Storys by SinuTheGod
NTR Revenge Storysby Unknown
making chapters of ntr stories where mc doesn't let it slide and get his revenge. comment for which doujin you want me to do next...
HighSchool DxD: From Cheated Best Friends to True Lovers by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: From Cheated Best...by Red
Pretty overused and cliché right? A story of how two certain best friends find that their lovers had cheated on them with one another, in which in the process, broke the...
ဖာသည်မ​တွေအတွက် by laebow
ဖာသည်မ​တွေအတွက်by loe bell
​စောက်ရမ်းထန်တဲ့ ဖာသည်မ​တွေကို ​စောက်ရည်​တွေစီးကျ​နေတဲ့အထ် လိုး​ပေးမယ်
COTE: Kiyotaka x Suzune One-Shots by AllHailThe99th
COTE: Kiyotaka x Suzune One-Shotsby Emperor Lelouch
Classroom of the Elite Kiyotaka x Suzune one-shots by me. I have never read Kinugasa's LN. Any pictures or music used don't belong to me.
ချိုမြိန်သောအဆိပ်အားသောက်သုံးခြင်း by Addy0203
ချိုမြိန်သောအဆိပ်အားသောက်သုံးခြင်းby Addy0203
အိမ်ထောင်ရှိ မိန်းမတစ်‌ေယာက်ကိုချစ်နေတာ အပြစ်လား..... မဟုတ်ဘူး..ကျွန်မချစ်နေတုန်းသူအိမ်ထောင်ရှိသွားတာ 🚨အိမ်ထောင်ရေးဖောက်ပြန်ခြင်းနှင့် သစ္စာတရားအလေးထားသောသူများမဖတ်သင့်...
Molested by an anonymous guy by SaekanoMirai
Molested by an anonymous guyby None
While commuting to school mikoto got molested by an suspicious stranger.
[Onmyouji] Ngươi xem, hắn chết by OokamiUchiha18
[Onmyouji] Ngươi xem, hắn chếtby Wolf
Fanfic cặp Hiromasa x Ootengu Cảnh báo có NTR, hắc ám, tragedy, OOC các loại. Các bạn tim yếu mong manh cẩn thận.