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Ichinose POV

It had all happened very suddenly, the day the rumours spread and the day that my secret came out.

The thing that I had been trying to hide away was shown to everyone, people judged me, but it seemed the majority didn't. However, I felt lost, locked in a state of depression, I had hidden myself in my room.

No one could reach me, no one could open my heart and no one could look at my pitiful state.

It wasn't fine with me, I had reverted back into the state I was in after the incident. I wanted to be alone, but I also wanted help.

It was through the persistence of one person that led me to open the door of my room.

The door which led me to Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

His eyes of gold devoid of ambition, were similar to mine, the aura he exuded when he was around me was gloomy but right now it was calming.

Maybe it's because I am going through a tough time that makes it seem calming.

He had paid me a visit in the night. Although it was not suitable for anyone to be here at this time, he was here and was persistent in getting me to open the door.

Until I caved in and decided to face him.

Now that he's in front of me, my insides were screaming for help from him.

He looked so calming.

He then opened his mouth to speak.

For the first time I heard a change in his tone of voice, a gentle tone that contradicts his usual monotone one.

Ayanokouji: "Hey Ichinose, are you ok? Can I come in now?"

Shoot he was still in the hallway.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside before anyone else who might be wandering around the corridors can see him.

He must have been surprised, but before he could say anything I spoke up.

"I'm sorry Ayanokouji kun but someone might have seen you, so I'm sorry for dragging you in here like that."

I said all that in an embarrassed tone, honestly I really shouldn't have done that.

Mostly because it was now me and him alone inside my room right now.

We may be friends, but he's a boy and I'm a girl. It was midnight and he knew that too.

Which made me question his presence in front of me.

Why exactly is he here?

He told me that he wanted to speak to me, but he was determined to not leave.

I guess it won't hurt to ask him.

"Ayanokouji kun why are you here?"

He didn't reply to me and went into the kitchen.

What is he doing?

Ayanokouji: "Ichinose where do you keep the tea packets?"

Is he going to make me tea?

"Are you going to make me tea?"

Ayanokouji: "Yes I am, after all we are going to have a talk aren't we?"

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