My kanojo cheated on me with my senpai, so I cheated on her with senpais kanojo.

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Ayanokouji POV

The tears fell like a waterfall, the snot running down her nose as she clutched her heart. Her mind in complete disarray with a crazy look in her eyes.

Disbelief racking her brain and shock plastered across her once clear face.

The atmosphere enveloping us in moping and distress, the girl in front of me who was bawling her eyes out was shuddering. Shaking in fear, expression transitioning between regret and trepidation.

The feeling of abandonment quickly creeping up on her as I had just announced my deep rooted thoughts about her loss of protection by me.

My words carrying the sentiment of contempt and nothingness at the same time, I knew that in her mind she was rethinking everything.

What she was doing...

Who she was doing it with...

Who she was hurting...

Those thoughts must have passed through her mind many times, her betrayal of me morphing into the scenes of when he was feeling pleasure from him.

Her eyes tremulous as her hands shook, her body trembling from the aura I was emitting.

My eyes scrutinising her figure, her legs had buckled and she now lay on her knees.

Unable to stay stood up, I merely watched her figure with a disinterested appearance; My arms crossed as my chastisement was causing waves of distress to wash over her.

She never bothered to look up at me, no sparing glances looking for forgiveness nor words of pleading. She merely looked down, her aura reeking of shame and loss...

The loss of the person who actually gave her what she was missing, the loss of love and the loss of a life she once dreamed to live with the someone she entrusted her future with...

She knew that she lost me completely now, there was no turning back now. But I had something else in mind, I still don't know who initiated contact with who, but my assumption was Nagumo.

However, on the off chance that it wasn't him. Then it would be much easier to tame Karuizawa once again. After breaking her down I would use all that and turn it upside down.

With her body beneath me as she realises that I was always the better, it was easy to tame her.

Nagumo must have realised it as well, that's why she went to him and he went to her.

But I intended to do something that Nazuna wouldn't, I knew of her plan and I do know of her... tenacity to get a job done.

So I highly doubt she would engage in the 'thing' I am about to do right now.


I called out to her, her given name that I had stopped using returned as I wanted that extra impact.

Kei: "H-Huh?"

She blurted out an almost incoherent reply, she looked up at me, tears still lining her eyes as the fall had ceased.

She seemed confused from my sudden use of her name, the aura of defeat shifted into one of curiosity.

Her eyes now connecting with mine I peered into hers, her violet eyes reminding me of the beauty she once had and my desire to not see her cry.

A sentimental thing that I didn't know I possessed, but didn't matter anymore as the desire to protect was shattered.

"Can you get up Kei?"

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