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It was a normal day inside the school, almost too normal. For one man he felt at ease. It was the middle of May, the flowers were blooming. The atmosphere around the school a calming breeze of peace.

So how can a man's perfectly normal day be ruined?

Simple, give him kids.

That's what happened to Ayanokouji, a boy who could answer seemingly every question in the world. Blanked out when he saw three kids run up to him and call him Papa.

He had already recovered from another shock, only to be presented with another one, to find out what he had recovered from we must turn back time.

It was a simple day, not too much was happening. The class were in their own domains of conversations. The only noise inside the room was one of chatter until an announcement came on that that silenced them.

"Ayanokouji Kiyotaka please report to the Chairman's office acting director Tsukishiro requests for your presence." I had just been called to the chairman's office for something.

The announcement was heard inside my class and the remaining students were eyeing me with curious gazes.

I really don't like those looks guys, can you let up a bit?

But it's to be expected of them, I am just an invisible classmate to them, except to those I am acquaintances with.

Horikita had already left the class along with those who had club activities. One troublesome interrogation avoided for now at least, she will probably hear of this later on and I will have to answer her questions; or in my book lie to her.

I just walked past my peers, Keisei, Haruka and Airi were eyeing me with worried looks. I acknowledged their concerns with a nod of affirmation and reassurance before I made my way to my destination.

I am in my second year now and with the appearance of Tsukishiro this might just be my last year. A sad thought but a very likely reality.

'"Hahh..." I sighed as I walked through the hallways.

Eventually, I arrived at the front of the door of the office my eyes narrowing onto the handle before moving my hand up and knocking on the door.

"Please come in." A voice came from behind the door and I turned the door handle.

I entered the office, only to see the man who was vying for my expulsion, someone who operates directly under "that man". Once he saw me enter he opened his mouth to address me, greeting me with his already customary tone. One which I had the displeasure to hear.

"Ah Ayanokouji Kun welcome, please take a seat, although I won't keep you long I at least want you to be comfortable." He pointed at the seat across his table and nodded his head to me. I decided to sit down on the sofa that was located at the corner of the room instead.

Which didn't faze Tsukishiro as he lowered his hand and proceeded to offer some complementary service.

"Would you like some tea?" He asked softly.

"I'm sorry, but no. Who knows what you might put in it" My response caused him to nod in understanding,

"He knows me well enough at least..." I thought as I looked at him.

"As cautious as always huh." He replied, ending our back and forth.

A very loud silence ensued. Only to be broken by me as I narrowed my eyes at him, he returned the gesture with his own as our eyes remained locked with each other.

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