(2) A bleeding heart that will never heal (2)

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I watched him everyday, every instance where I could look at him I took at full advantage. Every instance where an opportunity to interact with him was possible I wanted to speak. I wanted to adhere to an idea for us. What I guess that meant was that I wanted to look at him in a different way.

"Are you alright Ayanokouji kun?" I asked him as I sat across from him.

"Yes, why do you ask?" He replied.

"It's because you are messed up in the head." I answered and rested my hand on my chin.

"Not more than you are." He nonchalantly rebuked with a bored look.

"Well, you don't know what I've been through you asshole." I thought as I looked at him.

"What do you know about me?" I questioned him.

"You hate your father, but you are still willing to interact with him." He stated. "Or am I wrong? Your face tells me that what I said was the truth." He continued.

I wish you could confide in me, I looked at our interactions with a mixture of sadness and expectance. I wanted to know more about you, how you worked and how I could understand you.

"I do hate him. If I tell you my story, you would understand." I said with a low tone.

"Then tell me." He replied as he looked at me.

"Okay..." I began as I matched his gaze. "It all started when I was five..." I started telling him about my past.

Each sentence strung up with more emotion and hate. The past that I had hidden away now revealed to him as he listened.

I smacked my hand on the table and let a tear escape my eyes as I told him a part.

My tears never stopping after that as I pounded the table with my heart constantly beating rapidly. My eyes so blurry but I still continued telling my story. Whenever I looked at him, he met my gaze with that look of understanding. He didn't comment or say anything, he just nodded and listened.

"He was just... never there..." I said as I buried my face in my hands and cried.

Yet, he never said anything. No words of comfort for a long time. Time trickled by so slowly as I moped, sobbing into my hands as I felt the atmosphere around us grow more gloomy.

I told you my story that day, you didn't tell me yours. I thought I had begun a connection between us and yet you used me. Each passing moment whenever we saw eye to eye wasn't because we saw eachother as friends you only sought to use me and I hated that.

In the dorm of Himeno Yuki was Ichinose Honami, a personal call over by Himeno for a serious topic. Normally, she would have reached out to Ichinose; but she thought of her as the closest and best source of information towards Ayanokouji.

"Can you tell me about him Ichinose san?" She asked softly as she leaned her cheek into her hand.

"I don't really know much about him Himeno san." Ichinose replied with a sad expression. "Despite spending time with him, I still don't know anything about him." She added as she looked into Himenos eyes.

"Yet, you still fell for him?" She responded with a question.

"Yes, it's common knowledge within the class." Ichinose answered with a sad smile. "He rejected me." She continued as her eyes became a bit glossy. "Why do you want to know more about him?" She asked.

"First of all, I'm sorry that that happened to you Ichinose san." She replied, Ichinose nodded as a way to acknowledge her. "Secondly, I've grown quite fond of him." She continued as she looked down at the table with a downtrodden expression.

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