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Harry's POV

Looking down at my keys to find the one for the car quickly became the worst decision I have ever made.

In that split second, a hand covered my mouth with a cloth that was obviously laced with chloroform – I know that smell too well.

Less than a minute later everything around me became nothing but darkness as the quick-acting drug kicked in and knocked me out.


My head...f*ck. Dammit, that hurts. I feel dizzy and I haven't even opened my eyes. Is that normal?

Slowly, I opened my eyes and found myself surrounded by darkness accompanied by the smell of dampness and mildew...possibly even a bit of mold. A small cough escaped my lips as I sat up, carefully running my hands over the ground around my body.

Then, suddenly, a light flickered on. It hung from a wire above that ran along the cement ceiling. The bulb itself was encased in a metal cage-like structure.

A low chuckle filled the small space where I sat as I wiped my eyes, trying to quicken the dialation process.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. Oh, where do I begin?" asked a man's voice.

"Maybe with your name," I muttered, opening my eyes to look around again.

"My name? But why? You already know my name, Harold."

"Jason?" I paused, "What the hell are you doing here? Where am I?"

"You're in a place that's safe and far away, it's also sound proof – so no one can hear you calling for help."

"What did you do to her?"

"To who?"

"Don't f*ck with me, Jason," I spat through gritted teeth.

"Oh, Gabby. She's fine, don't worry. I haven't touched her, nor has she even seen me at all since England. But," he smirked evilly, "I will do many things to her. Things you wish you could do, things you'd kill me for doing, and things that only someone with a sick, twisted mind can do."

I scoffed, "You're a perfect match for that last thing."

"As are you, Harry. As are you."

"What do you want with me?"

"I want her. I get her and you're free to go, but if you try to get in the way I'll kill her in front of you...slowly."

My jaw clenched, the tightness of my fists turning my knuckles white as I struggled not to beat the shit out of him. I would have, had I known where the key to these chains was. Now I have to do whatever he wants. Anything as long as Gabby's safe.

"Oh, and, Harry, I lied. Gabby's right here," Jason said.

I looked towards him as he lifted a filthy bedsheet (that I hope was covered in dirt and nothing else), revealing Gabby's limp body.

My breath hitched in my throat, "Is she..." 

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