Rupture // h.s au by brokxnharry
Rupture // h.s auby nesma
Rupture: [noun] a separation into parties or within a party; a schism. In a world of destruction, riot, and division, she was set to kill, all, stopping at none. Then he...
  • niall
  • liampayne
  • louistomlinson
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Corruption™ (Punk Harry Styles) by ForeverDreamingx
Corruption™ (Punk Harry Styles)by Jenna Mckenzie
[on going] What if one boy could flip your whole world around in just a matter of weeks? [first posted July 2, 2013] Copyright © 2014, ForeverDreamingx™ ALL RIGHTS RESER...
  • harrystyles
  • onedirection
  • shailenewoodley
Third In Line by BritGirlAli
Third In Lineby ❁ AliCraw ❁
In 2025, Her Royal Highness Princess Eleanor approaches her twelfth birthday. After a sheltered childhood, the burden of fame and responsibility is beginning to find its...
  • shailenewoodley
  • princeharry
  • teen
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NICOLE by Star-Shay
NICOLEby Star-Shay
In a world where werewolves and witches exist, Nicole is stuck in the middle as she unknowingly is the embodiment of the phrase ''living the best of both worlds''. Her...
  • alpha
  • romance
  • complete
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Broken (Divergent/Fourtris story) by chickwholikeswriting
Broken (Divergent/Fourtris story)by Kathleen
(Divergent A.U.) *UNDERGOING EDITING, STORY MAY NOT MAKE SENSE IN SOME PARTS* Also I was legit 12 when I wrote this so it's kind of shitty, I'm trying to edit it After s...
  • lynn
  • trisprior
  • zeke
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Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton] ON HOLD by TrikruBitch
Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton] ☁ Cece Jacobsen ☁
Jess will continue to struggle through this world, figuring out where she really belongs. With her pasts still there to haunt her, will she get out of the new mess she h...
  • goldenboy
  • trisprior
  • alyciadebnamcarey
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Remind Me Again by BelleBurns
Remind Me Againby Tobi
What happens when she's your Juliet but you're not her Romeo? Ivan Patricks is that one boy who would always have TROUBLE written on his forehead. He is having the time...
  • amnesiac
  • journal
  • weird
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That One Night ↠ D. Sprayberry by thatonewriterrrr
That One Night ↠ D. Sprayberryby ✧ M E L ✧
❝I broke my rules for you.❞ In which one meaning less night, turns into something so much more. [SOCIAL MEDIA] [DYLAN SPRAYBERRY X OC]
  • shailenewoodley
  • dylansprayberry
  • socialmedia
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Ricochet | Mitch Rapp ON HOLD by mikkiandnackk
Ricochet | Mitch Rapp ON HOLDby isaac lahey
Rebekah Sloane, daughter of an FBI Agent, has spent her entire life trying to prove herself. Trying to prove herself to the father that wanted a son. Trying to prove her...
  • dylanobrien
  • stilesstilinski
  • assassin
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Inevitable amor. by Lore_Stew
Inevitable Loraine Ortiz
El drama aún continua...Luego de un accidente que casi cobra su vida, Samantha por fin ha despertado de un largo coma que la ha mantenido desinformada de todo lo que pas...
  • amor
  • romance
  • emmastone
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Swift Flames (Taylor Swift AU) (Lesbian Story/GirlxGirl) by DaisyLeand
Swift Flames (Taylor Swift AU) ( DaisyLeand
Cassie Lee Turner is an intelligent and ordinary nineteen year old college student. She knows that she will do her internship in Swift Enterprises Holdings Inc. But afte...
  • swift
  • lgbt
  • swifties
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Messenger :: Daniel Gillies by periodicphan
Messenger :: Daniel Gilliesby tess
When Adelaide gets included in a groupchat by her best friend Kat Graham Warning : may contain profanities
  • shailenewoodley
  • facebook
  • groupchat
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One And Only (Book four in the Angel With a Shotgun series) by nevaehc3703
One And Only (Book four in the nevaehc3703
(Highest ranking: #216 in Divergent) Tris and Tobias now have their footing back together after finding Molly. There small family is now safe. But now there is a new th...
  • candor
  • tobias
  • trisprior
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The Secret Life of Ramy (The Secret Life Series #1) by DMB2001
The Secret Life of Ramy (The Daisy B
A month after Amy moves to New York to go to Hudson University, Ricky and John follow and soon the whole gang shows up. They may be out of high school and they may not b...
  • rickyunderwood
  • johnjuergens
  • trust
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Shattered Masterpiece (girlxgirl) Book 2 of Puzzle Pieces by damselintuxedo
Shattered Masterpiece (girlxgirl) damselintuxedo
Coming from a total heart break, Lana unbelievably survives her attempt on suicide. She thought she created a new world, fresh from her dreams and imagination. Never did...
  • angelinajolie
  • suicide
  • shailenewoodley
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Hard To Love (Divergent High) by nevaehc3703
Hard To Love (Divergent High)by nevaehc3703
(Highest ranking: 203 in Divergent) Tris is new to the small town of Forest. Once a new person emerges, people know. She's always been a quiet, shy, friendless, self-co...
  • four
  • amity
  • theojames
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Blossom  by DauntlessWarrior4
Blossom by DauntlessWarrior4
The Second Book of Mr. James. If you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you go read that one before this one! Shailene and Theo are starting to realize their...
  • england
  • college
  • darenkagasoff
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Emma Natalie Eaton by fandomsandstories
Emma Natalie Eatonby I Love Writing
ALLEGIANT SPOILERS! It's been almost a year since Tris' death and Tobias is about ready to give up. That is, until a little baby girl that turns out to be his daughte...
  • dauntless
  • tobias
  • divergentfanfic
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My remake of: The Secret Life of the American Teenager by ElizabethandVictoria
My remake of: The Secret Life of Kaitlin
Amy decides New York isn't for her and married Ricky. Like usual, they go through ups and downs, but their love always breaks through any difficulties. First they will g...
  • amy
  • megan
  • benboykawich
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Divergent Survival Camp by imperialstiles
Divergent Survival Campby C H R I S T I N A
In which a girl get's stuck monitoring pre-teens for the summer with a sarcastic boy as her co-worker.
  • alternateuniverse
  • bootcamp
  • theojames
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