Rupture // h.s au by brokxnharry
Rupture // h.s auby nesma
Rupture: [noun] a separation into parties or within a party; a schism. In a world of destruction, riot, and division, she was set to kill, all, stopping at none. Then he...
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NICOLE by Star-Shay
NICOLEby Star-Shay
In a world where werewolves and witches exist, Nicole is stuck in the middle as she unknowingly is the embodiment of the phrase ''living the best of both worlds''. Her...
  • hyrbid
  • shailenewoodley
  • kellanlutz
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INNOCENCE (BG Fanfic with Harry Styles) by innocent_violet
INNOCENCE (BG Fanfic with Harry lucky one
,,Забавно е как си мислиш,че притежаваш невинност.Непокътнатост.А същевременно си готова на всичко,за да ти дам това,което те превръща в разкрепостена мръсница.Би дала в...
  • love
  • harry
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Divergent High by minniehaya
Divergent Highby Hiddendivergents
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
  • allegiant
  • divergent
  • tris
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The Zodiacs by silkandroses
The Zodiacsby Roses
We all stood in the principals office, waiting for her to enter. My breathing was uneven and my palms were clamy, how could something this big happen from just a crush? ...
  • aries
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Third In Line by aliroyals
Third In Lineby ❁ allison ❁
In 2025, Her Royal Highness Princess Eleanor approaches her twelfth birthday. After a sheltered childhood, the burden of fame and responsibility is beginning to find its...
  • katemiddleton
  • chicklit
  • princeharry
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El Ladrón de mis Noches by Itzanator_Night
El Ladrón de mis Nochesby Itzanator
Primer año de universidad. La dulce e inocente Lía ha recibido una gran oportunidad al ser admitida en una de las universidades más prestigiosas de toda Europa. Nuevos...
  • shailenewoodley
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Divergent Survival Camp by imperialstiles
Divergent Survival Campby C H R I S T I N A
In which a girl get's stuck monitoring pre-teens for the summer with a sarcastic boy as her co-worker.
  • trisprior
  • alternateuniverse
  • foureaton
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Blossom  by DauntlessWarrior4
Blossom by DauntlessWarrior4
The Second Book of Mr. James. If you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you go read that one before this one! Shailene and Theo are starting to realize their...
  • hollywood
  • college
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Divergent High by 4_Divergent_lover_6
Divergent Highby Bellarke.Fourtris
Hi Im Beatrice Prior but known as Tris or Six I am 16 and I have just moved to Chicago from L.A. I am one of those bad ass kids. I will make enemies friends and even fin...
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Broken (Divergent/Fourtris story) by chickwholikeswriting
Broken (Divergent/Fourtris story)by Kathleen
(Divergent A.U.) *UNDERGOING EDITING, STORY MAY NOT MAKE SENSE IN SOME PARTS* Also I was legit 12 when I wrote this so it's kind of shitty, I'm trying to edit it After s...
  • tobias
  • theojames
  • zeke
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Enchanting // Jai Courtney by daisieswithtea
Enchanting // Jai Courtneyby Maddy
I was mesmerized by him. I knew instantly that I was enchanted to meet him.
  • jaicourtney
  • shailenewoodley
  • divergent
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More. || Eric Coulter by thelostest
More. || Eric Coulterby steph
So close yet so far away and they want more. Crave more. Love, hate, history, loyalty and a secret. A dilemma. For Vinnie, the chief of the infirmary, it seems the war...
  • woodley
  • eric
  • amity
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oblivion, the maze runner by themazekru
oblivion, the maze runnerby —MAY WE MEET AGAIN
we are all broken, that's how the light gets in. the maze runner series// the...
  • thomasbrodiesangster
  • dexterdarden
  • kayascodelario
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Tris Prior by woahwoodley
Tris Priorby AJ
"Will he save her?" // 1/3 books :) // CAUTION: Explicit Content
  • fandom
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Death and the Deeds by RafiaZ
Death and the Deedsby RafiaZ
I, Hazel , was just an ordinary girl but with not so ordinary fate. With a past that could be altered, I placed some things in their right place. Life is unpredictable...
  • bullying
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  • secondchance
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Sheo- Our Life by callie_rox
Sheo- Our Lifeby Callie
Shailene and Theo have been together for a few years and has just finished filming Allegiant. Their lives change after some surprising news arrives into their lives. W...
  • divergent
  • pregnancy
  • four
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Baby Sugg by L0veLikeHate
Baby Suggby L0veLikeHate
Joe has got himself in a mess. Not a little mess , he can clear up, a huge one which will change his life. He's been living with his girlfriend, Sarah for a year now and...
  • joesugg
  • joesuggbaby
  • emmabridgewater
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The Bakit List by elijah_rivas
The Bakit Listby Elijah Taguinod
ang mga sawi sa pag-ibig hindi mawawalan ng 'BAKIT' bakit nya ako iniwan? bakit nya ako sinaktan? bakit nya ako niloko? bakit mahal ko parin sya kahit na sinasaktan nya...
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Jerks of Springville High by happyedene
Jerks of Springville Highby E. Ferrara
Everyone's a jerk wether you like it or not. Some were born jerks while others may have turned into jerks by force. Like that one girl who used to be the sweetest angel...
  • humor
  • badboy
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