Class was dismissed not long after and I hurried out, wanting to get through my last class. I nearly crashed into someone in the hall, but they put their hand out as if to halt me. A fresh manicure, I discovered.

“I don’t know who you are, but Harry’s mine. You stole him from me and I’m going to get him back, whatever it takes,” Caroline sneered before walking off.

Oh, now that’s the last straw. I’m not taking her bullshit and she needs to know that.

“He’s not a piece of property, you don’t own him,” I snapped back as I turned around to face her.

She stopped and placed her hand on her hip before turning to look at me.

“Excuse me?” she scoffed.

“You heard me; he isn’t yours.”

“Don’t try to act all innocent when I know you think the same thing I do, you little bitch.”

I took a few steps closer to her, “I’m a bitch? I’m not the one trying to steal someone else’s boyfriend.”

Caroline was a bit taller than me, but I knew how to defend myself if she came at me. Honestly, girls don’t know how to fight, but I do. Harry might be here to protect me, but I can kick ass myself.

“It’s not called stealing when it’s already yours. Besides, I’m more experienced; he’ll want me back.”

“I would say fuck you, but I’d really rather not. Oh, and bragging about experience just makes you sound like a slut. At least I don’t have to beg him to fuck me.”

Just as I flashed her a sarcastic smile, she raised her hand and slapped me. A frown replaced my smile.

“You did not just slap me,” I growled.

“Oh, but I did.”

“You’re such a bitch!”

I shoved her shoulders back into the lockers, creating a loud rattling sound. Her mouth formed an ‘o’ shape, but she quickly recovered by grabbing my shirt, forcing me into the lockers as well. Somehow we ended up on the floor and I was on the bottom.

Caroline pulled on my hair, classy girl move. I used my hands to push her off and get over top of her. There was a crowd around us by now, everyone with their phones out, and I was sure someone was calling my name, but I wasn’t listening. I couldn’t help myself as my fist collided with her face. She kicked me in the shin, she deserved it.

Someone’s arms went around me, pulling me off of her and away. I huffed as I steadied myself on my feet, blowing the hair out of my face. I knew it was Harry, so when he loosened his grip, I broke free and shoved my way through the crowd of people, ignoring him as he called after me.

I made it all the way down the hall and around the corner before Harry grabbed my wrist and stopped me. This should be interesting.

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