Gabby’s POV

All of the lads ended up getting on a plane that night and flying over to America. They arrived by morning and slept a few hours in various places around the house.

Now that everyone else was up and getting ready for the day, Harry was attempting to keep his hands to himself. I don’t mind him touching me; I just don’t want him to be super grabby when other people are around; even if they are his friends.

I walked into the sitting room last and saw there was hardly anywhere left to sit. As soon as I walked past Harry to sit on the floor, his hands grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap.

The other lads stared at us like it was the strangest thing they’d ever seen. I get that Harry never really had relationships before, but was it really that odd for him to want me to sit on his lap?

“If you assholes are done staring, can we get on with it?” Harry snapped at them, but somehow I knew he was joking.

“Right. Okay, so I did some extra digging and I got an address,” Liam announced.

“So…what now?” I asked curiously.

“Now we make a plan to kick his ass,” Zayn replied.

* * *

“So you remember what to do, right?” Zayn asked me for the fiftieth time. I swear, he thinks I have the brain of a two-year-old.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Would you calm your ass and get over here. She knows what to do; we’ve gone through it like ten times. Just let her go up with Harry and everything will work out,” Louis snapped at Zayn.

It’s about time someone told him to cool off. Next time he asked me I was going to hit him where it hurts.

“Ready?” Harry asked me. I could tell he was on edge about this too.

“Yeah,” I breathed. He turned away from me to walk around the SUV.

“No, wait,” I said quickly before he took two steps.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he turned back to me.

“Can you just…um…”

Harry looked at me waiting for me to go on, but I was too embarrassed to with all his friends standing there.

“Jesus Christ, kiss the girl,” Louis finished my sentence for me.

I looked down, lightly biting my lip as I waited for Harry’s reaction. Fingers went under my chin, gently tilting it up before soft lips molded against mine. His hand caressed my jaw as his tongue swept across mine.

“I hate to interrupt, but could you two suck face some other time when we’re not in the middle of possibly unleashing Hell on Earth?”

Just to annoy Louis, I hooked my finger in the loop of Harry’s jeans and pulled him closer to me so our bodies were pressed together.

“I have a feeling things are about to be X-rated if this continues,” Niall commented.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from Harry to avoid any other suggestive comments from the lads.

“Remember Gabby, you have one minute to get out,” Liam reminded me even though I didn’t need him to. I was well aware of the time limit I had and the consequences that I would face if I took too long.

“Are you sure you’re ready this time?” Harry asked with a smirk.

I nodded, “Yeah. Let’s go.”

We walked across the street and up to the front door. My heart was pounding against my chest as we waited for the door to be answered.

The door was flung open to reveal the exact same man Liam found. A smug smile was held on his face as he looked from me to Harry and back to me.

He did a hand motion out to the side as if to be summoning someone. Sure enough, a different man came to the door and the one in charge pointed at me.

My arm was roughly gripped and I was dragged into the house. I kicked and screamed to make it believable even though I knew I wouldn’t be in here for long.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” the man in charge said to Harry before slamming the door in his face.

No. No, this wasn’t part of the plan. Harry was supposed to get Melissa back and then I was supposed to make a run for it. I guess this means it’s time for plan B…if there was one.

I observed my surroundings as quickly as I could, trying to come up with another way to make this work. There was a sliding glass door that was fully opened leading out to the backyard and I decided to use that for my escape.

The man sat me down on the couch and ordered for me to stay put. It was only but a minute later until the man from the cemetery joined us. He sat in a chair that faced the couch and studied me intently. I sat there silent and afraid to move for a good five minutes before anyone decided to speak.

“It’s a shame about your boyfriend; we could’ve made a great team,” the man said.

“What do you want with me?” I asked sternly.

“Oh, I want a lot of things, sweetheart,” he gave me that sickening smile, “but first I want your shirt off.”

I froze on the couch. Oh hell no.

“Go on, take it off.”

As much as I would love to refuse, I knew I had to go along with it.

Once the shirt was removed from my body, the man smiled in satisfaction. When he wasn’t paying close enough attention, I removed the object from my back pocket and pressed the button.

I dropped the device on the couch and literally ran for my life outside and across the backyard. I kept pushing myself on, ignoring the loud noises from behind me as I made my way to the playground in the neighbourhood where we planned to meet at.

After a couple minutes of what felt like eternity, I was joined by the four other lads.

“Where’s Harry?” I questioned.

They all looked at one another, each of them seeming to be at a loss for words.

“We don’t know,” Zayn finally spoke up.

“What do you mean you don’t know? He was with you guys.”

“He snuck inside to try and find Melissa…we never saw him come out,” Liam said quietly.

“I’m sure he’s fine. He’ll be here soon,” Louis assured me.

Five minutes turned into a half an hour, which eventually became two full hours. It just now dawned on me that he would have been here by now. He would have come to find us and he knew where we were meeting. What if he was still inside?

The tears I’d been refusing to cry started to pour down my cheeks like a waterfall. My heart felt like it was going to burst any second and I couldn’t quiet the heartbreaking cries and screams that left my mouth. Liam tried to tell me it would be okay, but I couldn’t bear to listen to him and it just made me feel worse because I knew it wasn’t true. Nothing would ever be okay again. He was all I had left…and now he’s gone.

“Don’t give up on him, not yet,” Liam said, trying to boost my heart-wrenching mood.

I don’t want to give up, but aren’t I foolish to have any hope left in me after all this time? I’d rather spend the rest of my life in that house than live with knowing that I would never see him again.

This is NOT the end. I repeat, this is NOT the end. I’m just too tired to write anymore today. xx

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