“What do I wear?” I asked as I shuffled through the clothes in my duffle bag.

I did bring two dresses at random, nothing special.

“Whatever you want,” Harry replied whilst he walked in the bedroom.

I took out one of the dresses that I’d hurriedly put in my bag and held it up, realising it was a summer dress.

“What’s that, a shirt?” he asked looking at the dress in my hands.

If I’m honest, it does look like a shirt. Actually, it even looks too small for my body. Despite how it seems when you’re just looking at it, it really is bigger than you’d think.

“No, it’s a dress,” I answered.

“That thing looks like it won’t even go to your ass.”

“I think I’m going to wear it,” I said just to see his reaction.

“No you’re not.”

“Watch me.”

He tried to snatch the piece of clothing from me, but I dodged his hand and scurried off to the bathroom. To make sure he didn’t come in, I locked the door behind me before stripping from my clothes.

Once I had the dress on, I tugged on the bottom to straighten it out and then fixed the top.

The dress was strapless; tight around the chest with a frilly piece on the top and looser fitting, but still slightly clingy, under the chest area. The very top was purple. Under that it was an off-white/tanish colour with different line patterns in orange, green, and blue. It reached about halfway down my thigh.

Luckily, I had grabbed my makeup bag and brought it into the bathroom with me. That being said, I could get completely ready without Harry seeing me once.

I don’t usually wear anything but mascara and sometimes natural looking eye shadow, but for today I decided on doing something different.

Carefully, I put on light gold eye shadow, mascara, winged black eyeliner, and sheer lip gloss. My hair I decided not to touch and just left it down straight. 

I cleaned up all my makeup, which wasn’t much, and put it back in the bag I had it in before picking up my clothes and going back to the bedroom.

Harry was sitting on the edge of the bed in his normal black jeans and t shirt typing on his phone.

He looked up from the phone’s screen, eyes raking up and down my body as he took his lip ring between his teeth.

“Holy shit,” he breathed.

“You like it?” I mused with a knowing smile.

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