I was sat on the bed, looking through my phone just to entertain myself somewhat as I waited for Harry to get out of the shower.

Somehow I’d managed to get him back to the house – maybe it was just that he was feeling too weak inside to fight against it, maybe not. I don’t know or really care as long as he’s home and safe.

He was silent when he walked back into the bedroom and pulled on a pair of boxers before crawling onto the bed next to me. His lips pecked my cheek, causing me to smile.

I felt his lips move along my jaw to down my neck and a shiver went down my spine.

“Harry…what are you doing?” I asked confused and curious.

“Shh,” he replied quietly, “I need a distraction…”


“Now put your phone down, baby.”

I complied and placed my phone on the bedside table next to where I was sitting.

Harry’s hands went around my ankles and slid my down so I was lying on my back beneath him.

A gasp fell from my lips when he quickly removed my sweatpants and panties, bending my knees and crawling back up to me, his lips pressing against mine.

Honestly, I couldn’t complain about what he was doing.

Sure, I think he needs to deal with the loss properly, but I didn’t really feel like stopping him from continuing; I wanted this just as bad as he seems to need it.

“You wouldn’t happen to be on those pills now, would you?” he quizzed before going any further with his actions.

“I…I actually have been taking them for a while. Why?”

“Cause I don’t think I have any condoms on me,” he chuckled.

“Well, you don’t need one. I’ve been on them for a little over a month now.”

“Okay, baby.”

“So…what was the point of putting on the boxers if you’re just going to take them off?”

He shrugged, “I don’t really know…”

Before I could get another syllable out, his lips were working against mine, tongue fighting with mine for dominance. As usual, he won that battle.

His body no longer hovered above mine for a moment, confusing me enough to try and sit up a bit to see where he’d gone.

My back had barely moved from against the duvet when he came back over me, completely bare – he’d taken off his boxers, that’s why I didn’t see him.

A soft moan escaped my lips as I felt him rub his tip over my heated core teasingly.

“Harry,” I whined in protest.

“Alright, alright. Fine,” he chuckled.

My back arched off the mattress momentarily – accompanied with a pleasured scream – when he slammed into me without warning.

His hands trailed up my sides, dipping into my curves and running over my breasts where his thumbs then played with my nipples.

Hungry, yet somehow gentle, kisses were placed up my neck and continued along my jawline. When all those areas were kissed, he then finally kissed my lips.

I kissed back, enjoying this just as much as he was – I could tell by his kiss.

My hands rested on his upper back as he continued to move in and out of me, causing me to moan into his mouth where then he had the advantage and slipped his tongue into my mouth.

Our tongues battled for dominance, dancing around in each other’s mouths, hoping for victory, whilst the aura surrounding our connected bodies seemed to overfill with lust and passion – pure hunger for the sensation only we know.

My hips lifted off the mattress, desperate for more feeling and friction between us.

I felt Harry’s lips curve up into a smirk as I repeated the action once more before he stopped my with his hand on my hip, keeping me down and unable to recreate the pleasured feeling that came along with it.

Another rather loud moan came from my mouth as he pushed deeper into me, hitting that one spot that would have me screaming his name and he seemed to know by heart.

Still buried deep inside of me, he began to move his hips in a circular motion, letting out a soft moan himself as my breath hitched in my throat from the foreign yet euphoric pleasure.

I closed my eyes, my lips slightly parted, as I let the pleasure wash over me and take over all my senses.

Speaking became a struggle when mixed with how preoccupied my mind was with what he was doing to me.

“I-I’m close,” I managed to get out.

A nod was all I got before he began thrusting again, hard and fast, causing the bed to shake slightly.

This is actually happening. I’m actually having sex…and not just normal sex…but more hardcore.

Two years ago, I would’ve been disgusted at the thought of doing anything remotely close to what we’re doing and have done.

But I’ve changed.

He’s changed.

Who knows whether it’s for the better or for the worst, but at this moment…I could care less.

Nails dug deep into his shoulder blades, surely leaving dents in their wake, before they were dragged down his back as I screamed out his name and released.

Moaning in response, he released inside of me and panted into the crook of my neck as we both worked on catching our breath.

Eventually, he pulled out of me and laid down beside me on his back after pulling the covers over us.

“That…was amazing…” he commented, staring up at the blank, white ceiling above us.

I nodded in agreement.

After all of that, I can’t ask what I wanted to ask him… What happened to Melissa?

So, I go back to school Monday and I'm still sick...I should have a lot of time, not this coming week, but the week after that since we have exams. On those days we only go in when ours is scheduled and then leave. Hopefully I'll be able to update more then and maybe before that. Love you guys! xx

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