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When I got to school today, everyone in the hallway was looking at me. The guys were winking at me or giving me a flirtatious smirk whereas the girls all stuck their noses up at the sight of me. What the hell is going on?

A lad I’d never met before came up to me and whispered in my ear, “If you ever wanna scream for me, my door’s open babe.”

As he walked away, I could swear he groped my bum. However, I was too busy dealing with the feeling of a bus running me over to care. Some other guys wolf whistled as I walked past and I could already feel the tears coming on.

I wasn’t looking where I was going anymore, just hoping the world would open a black hole and suck me in as I tried not to cry.

“Look, it’s the whore,” some girl I’d never even seen snorted.

The tears were dangerously close to spilling over as I collided with a chest I knew all too well.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Harry’s voice questioned.

“How could you?” I choked out before pushing past him and running into the restroom, closing a stall door and locking it. Why is this even happening? I thought...I really thought he loved me.

I finally left the bathroom after second period was over and tried to get to my locker without being noticed. My plan didn't work and I sprinted down the hall towards my locker.

Someone grabbed my wrist on the way there and I jerked it away, thinking it was Harry. He was the last person I wanted to see right now. I can't believe he would do this. God, I'm so naive.

After they didn't let go or even loosen their grip, I turned around to snap at him. I wanted to tell him to never talk to me ever again and to get out of my life. If he didn't listen I would have my father make him. I don't want him anywhere near me.

When I opened my mouth, it was quickly shut as my eyes met blue ones.

"What do you want?" I asked rather harshly.

"I want to help you. I heard just like everyone else did and you're my best friend; I'm going to help you get through this," Mikey said in the most sincere voice I've ever heard from him.

"You don't need to do that, I'll be fine," I replied trying not to choke on my new build-up of tears in my eyes.

"Yes I do. We need to just sit and talk like we used to, it'll make you feel better."

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