Just as I had suspected would happen, Harry avoided me the rest of last week and all of this week. Sitting on your arse all day and texting is not what I classify as a normal Saturday.

Well, at least I had friends to text, right? Looking at the bright side of things, Jade, good job. I’ve noticed that I talk to myself a heck of a lot more lately. It’s starting to get rather peculiar. I mean, I never used to do it this much. Sure, I did it every once in a whilst, but not like now. Now it has just gotten out of control.

As I walked past my dresser to go to my bed, my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I took it out and saw that it was a text from Dahlia. Once I was situated on my bed, lying flat on my stomach across it, I opened the message and read it.

To Jade:
Hey girl! So, have you heard anything from that guy that was like your personal superman in the cafeteria?

I sighed before texting back. If I wanted to see him again, I knew I had to lie and say that we haven’t seen each other at all. It just sucks to have to lie to your friends about something you’d prefer to burst out the details of.

To Dahlia:
Heey! You mean Harry? No, I haven’t spoken to him since. Why?


To Jade:
Ooh, now you’re on a first name basis with the school’s bad boy? Someone’s a daredevil! ;)


To Dahlia:
Ha-Ha, very funny. Seriously, there’s nothing going on. He just punched some kid in the face for me, that was all.


After that text, she seemed to lose interest in him. Thank the Lord. Once she gets going about something, it’s hard to stop her. Luckily she had bought into my lie and didn’t suspect a thing. Trust me, if she had, I’d be sitting here for eternity trying to sway her opinions on the situation. 

The thing was, I actually fucking missed him. Why? Why the hell do I miss someone who was such an ass to me the last time we saw each other? It makes no sense and I’m almost positive that I’m losing my mind.

Any normal girl would be like eff him. Well guess what? I can’t flipping do that! And you know why? I don’t even know! That has to be the best part.

I buried my face in my pillow and screamed. No, I do not scream often; I’m not a girly girl that freaks out over boys and stupid stuff. But for whatever reason, I was being like that with Harry.

He was literally driving me crazy. Is it fun for him to mess with a girl’s mind or something? Does he find pleasure in making someone want to rip out their hair? I’m beginning to consider the possibility of that being a big, fat YES.

You know what, it’s probably just pms. I need to just get a huge tub of Ben & Jerry’s and sit on the couch stuffing my face with it whilst watching movies. No, not chick flicks, but maybe something more like an action or comedy. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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