The next morning was here already as I searched the floor for Harry’s shirt. I’d already found my bra and panties and put them on whilst trying not to wake Harry.

My eyes spotted the black t shirt and I slipped it on. There wasn’t a need for pants considering how long the shirt was on me.

I left the bedroom, yawning as I made my way into the bathroom. My eyes adjusted to the bright lighting in the bathroom as I wet my toothbrush and then applied a stripe of toothpaste along the bristles.

As I scrubbed my teeth clean, I couldn’t help but think about Allie. She called Harry her “leftovers”, or so I thought she had.

What did that mean? Did her and Harry used to date? Is she even really my sister, or is she Brian and Heidi’s daughter?

It’s odd for me to refer to him as Brian when he’s been given the title of being my dad, blood related or not.

The same goes for Heidi; before she passed away she was known to me as mum. But that was all a lie.

My real mum is Miranda and I have no clue who my real father is or if he’s even alive. So many questions, so little answers.

I spit out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth out before standing up straight again. Hands held to my waist and I smiled at Harry’s reflection in the mirror. His hair was dishevelled, but something about the messiness of his curls was oddly attractive.

I picked up the necklace from the sink he gave me yesterday and was about to unhook it to put it on when I was stopped in the midst of my actions.

“Let me,” Harry said taking the necklace from my hands.

I pulled my hair into my hand, moving it away from my neck so he could see. Once it was clasped around my neck, Harry let go of the chain.

The cool silver key of the necklace rested on my chest just above the valley of my breasts.

“It’s beautiful,” I complimented the piece of jewellery as my fingers ran over it.

“But not nearly as beautiful as the girl wearing it,” he smiled.

I turned around to face him, pressing my palms against his chest. He leaned down, bringing his lips to mine. His tongue invaded my mouth, exploring its expanse like an expert. I whimpered when his fingers teasingly pinched my bum.

We broke apart, eyes still closed as Harry gently brushed his nose against mine before resting his forehead on mine.

These were the mornings I would miss when I had to go back home. Moments like this, so gentle and loving, I’d never experienced before. Now that I have, I don’t ever want to let them go…I don’t want to let him go.

“I love you,” I said quietly.

He smiled, “I love you too.”

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