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Someone asked what Gabby looked like so there is a picture on the side of who I picture her as.

Harry’s POV

“Where are you going?” I asked as I stood up.

“It’s time for my part of the plans,” Gabby announced before winking at me and walking down the pathway.

Well this ought to be interesting. I still don’t get the dress, but it did look good on her so I’m not complaining.

I followed a little ways behind her, becoming confused when she walked into a building on the corner that I’m pretty positive was a club. When I reached the door they asked for ID so I had to show them my license before heading inside to find Gabby. Why in the hell did she decide on a club? It just doesn’t seem like her to do that. All I know is that I better find her before some other guy does.

A glimpse of her hair was the only sign I needed to start elbowing through the crowded place. She looked back and made eye contact with me, a playful smile held on her lips whilst she gestured for me to follow her as she disappeared in the mass of dancing bodies. I weaved through the crowd of people, finding her not-so-easily.

Her back was facing me, so I placed my hands on her hips. She jumped slightly at the sudden contact, making it apparent that she has probably never been in a club before. If she had been, it wouldn’t be so surprising to her that someone was touching her.

My hands went around her waist to her front, pulling her closer to me. The music was so loud that I think I’d have to shout to tell her we should leave. I don’t like the way these guys are looking at her.

She caught me off guard when she started to move against me to the beat of the music. My hands went back to her hips, staying there as I forgot about the lustful stares she’d been receiving and was thrown into a different state of mind by her motions. Her backside was to my front as she basically started grinding against me.

The grip I had on her hips must have not been very tight as I opened my eyes to the realisation that she’d slipped from my grasp. Either that or some guy took her away. If that’s the case, I can already see myself getting kicked out from beating the shit out of him.

My eyes scanned the area looking for any sign of her, but couldn’t find one anywhere. I started pushing my way through the mob, occasionally having to tear myself away from girls that tried to dance with me.

After a few minutes of searching, I began to panic. What if someone really did take her?

My worries were set aside when I finally found her at the bar talking to some guy. Seriously? She left me standing there and was now talking to someone else? He’s not touching her, so I didn’t feel the need to do anything drastic.

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