I looked around the room, finding it was empty all except for me.

Did I dream about last night? Was it real? Where did Harry go?

The questions kept rushing through my mind and panic began to set in. I climbed out of the bed and threw on one of Harry’s shirts along with panties before going downstairs.

My eyes searched the rooms downstairs and everything was empty so far; the whole house was even quiet.

This is really starting to freak me out now…

I couldn’t have dreamt about everything that happened yesterday; that was too much for it to not be real.

“Please, just for a few weeks…” Harry’s voice came from the kitchen.

Tip-toing quietly down the short corridor to the kitchen, I listened for a response.

“No. I already told you no. No is no,” another voice replied.

“I can’t leave her alone here…just this once, help me out. I’ll give you whatever you want if you just do me this little favour,” Harry seemed to be begging.

There was a heavy sigh, “Fine…fine, I’ll do it. Three weeks is the maximum, then I leave – whether you’re here or not.”

Was that…

“Thank you, Zayn. Don’t let her out of your sight; she tends to try to go around alone quite often.”

“I know, I won’t.”

Why is he talking about leaving for three weeks? Where is he going? Why is he asking Zayn to watch me?

Something must be wrong…I need to know what it is.

Zayn walked out of the kitchen and in the opposite direction of where I was – he didn’t even see me for one split second, giving me the ability to confront Harry in a shocked state.

I walked up right behind him without him even noticing me.

“What were you talking about with Zayn just now?” I questioned.

He didn’t even seem startled at all by my presence.

“Nothing, Gabby. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it? Seriously? You just got back and now you’re leaving again! Of course I’m going to worry about it. What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just going away for about three weeks.”

“Three weeks!?”

He nodded slightly, “Yes, three weeks. But Zayn’s going to stay here with you and make sure you’re okay whilst I’m gone.”

“Watch me? You’re kidding, right? I’m not a child – I can take care of myself.”

“It’s not that, you know why he has to be here.”

“Maybe I don’t want him here. Maybe I don’t want you to leave. Why can’t I just go with you?”

“Because…you just can’t. If you could, I would let you; believe me.”

I turned away from him angrily and stomped back up the steps, ignoring his calls for me.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, tears silently slid down my cheeks as I stared at the wall in front of me.

The weight on the bed shifted slightly as I sniffled quietly.

Arms wrapped around me and pulled me into the all-too-familiar chest I’d missed the comfort and warmth of so much.

“Please don’t go,” I pleaded softly.

His hand rubbed the small of my back gently to try and calm me.

“I don’t want to, baby, but I have to. I’m going to come back and I won’t be gone for too long. I’ll call you every day if you want.”

Nodding my head a bit, I sniffled again and looked up at him, “Promise me you’ll tell me if something goes wrong.”

He wiped under my eyes gently with his thumb, “I promise.”

I smiled lightly and nodded, “One more thing…”

“What’s that?”

“This,” I leant upward a bit and kissed his lips softly.

His small smile was evident on my lips as he kissed me back. The kiss got deeper, but still gentle and slow as he placed his hands on either side of the back of my jaw.

It soon turned into soft, openmouthed kisses without using or tongues. He lightly bit my bottom lip, causing me to smile as we continued the slow, gentle kisses of endearment.

“Baby…I…have…to…go…” he reminded me, each word being said in between a new kiss.

I ignored him and climbed onto his lap, still continuing the kisses. As long as I could keep him here, I would.

He pulled away after a little while and pecked my lips once more.

“I really have to go, baby,” he told me.

I sighed softly and nodded, climbing off of his lap, “Okay…sorry.”

“Don’t be. I needed that too,” he smiled lightly and kissed my cheek.

“I love you, Gabby.”

“I love you too.”

* * *

Not too terribly long afterward, he was gone. I never found out where he was going or why, just that he was leaving for up to three weeks.

Laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling – it’s not all that fun.

“Gabby,” Zayn’s voice interrupted my peaceful silence with a gentle knock on the doorframe.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the ceiling; I replied in a quiet voice, “I’m fine.”

He sighed and laid down next to me, turning on his side to face me. I looked over at him, slightly confused.

Doesn’t he hate me?

“We need to talk,” he stated.

“About what?”

“About your past…about Harry and what really happened.”

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