Harry’s POV


“I’ll be back by three at the latest,” I told Gabby.

We were standing in the doorway of the flat as I was about to leave to see the lads. Now I can tell them about Gabby and I. It was a bit nerve racking before because if they slipped up about it to the wrong person I could’ve gotten in a lot of trouble. But not anymore; now we had permission to be together.

The whole acceptance of allowing us to be together seemed a little odd to me, but maybe I was just overthinking it. I want to enjoy the privilege I’ve been given, not waste it worrying that it was too good to be true.

“Okay,” she replied.

I took her hand and pulled her closer to me, bringing our lips together for a short kiss before I walked out the door to my car and went off in the direction of their house.

The only person I’m worried about is Zayn. I flat out lied to his face and he isn’t going to like that. But in my defence, if I had told him he might’ve spoken to someone higher up and gotten me reassigned. Then I would never be able to see Gabby again, so I had my reasons.

It wasn’t long before I reached the house. Niall let me in and I followed him into the sitting room where the rest of the lads were.

“Louis said you had to tell us something?” Liam cut to the punch.

I scratched the back of my head, “Yeah…I, um, I’m going out with Gabby.”

They all shared a strange glance except for Louis who already knew everything.

“Weren’t you already?” Niall asked.

“I was, but I mean for real. We’re actually dating.”

Zayn chuckled, “You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m not. I…”

“Tell them Harry,” Louis gave me a boost.

“I…I love her.”

Liam and Niall looked at each other surprised whilst Zayn scowled and got up, leaving the room.

“He’ll come around,” Louis assured me.

“Hopefully,” I sighed as I ran my hand through my hair. “Well, I should go…I told her I wouldn’t be long.”

“Okay mate,” Louis responded because Liam and Niall were still in shock.

Well that went better than planned, if you don’t count how pissed off Zayn was of course. As I got into my car, my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket and read the text message I had received.

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