Okay, so a lot of you are saying Gabby’s bipolar, or you’re just angry with her, and I want to explain why she does have a reason to be upset. 
      Yes, I know she kissed Zayn, but that doesn’t make it okay for Harry to kiss someone else, regardless of what happened with Zayn. He shouldn’t be trying to get level with her, even if it is subconscious and/or he was drunk. He also shouldn’t have gone out drinking in the first place because that’s just a stupid thing to do – especially when your emotions are already a bit wonky from something else – you only end up doing things you regret later; that’s just how it works. 
      So, yes, Gabby should be upset about it because there are multiple factors in the whole scheme of what he did. And maybe – just a thought – she could actually be upset with herself and not knowing how to go about dealing with it since Harry’s already said he doesn’t want to talk about what happened between her and Zayn. 
      I hope that all makes sense now… ‘Cause Gabby is not bipolar… She’s just acting like any girl would in a situation like hers. 
      I’m not angry with any of you, I just wanted to make sure I cleared things up about the last chapter. :) xx


“Are you angry with me?” I asked in a quiet voice.

She shook her head, “No… I’m a bit hurt, but then again I don’t really have any right to be after what happened with Zayn…”

“As much as I’d like to agree with you, that’s not true. No matter what happened, you still have a right to be hurt or angry. This doesn’t mean we’re “even”, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it like?”

“It’s just me being an idiot.”

“Well then, yes, I am angry with you. Maybe you should go back to school and come back if you ever realise that relationships aren’t about being even.”

“Baby, I know that they’re not…”

“No, obviously you don’t. Even though you were drunk, that was just an excuse for it to be okay for you to fuck up and get away with it without me being as upset about it as I could be.”

“No, it wasn’t-”

“Really? If that’s true, then maybe I should meet this Britney and she can tell me exactly what happened.”

“You can’t be serious…”

“And why not?”

I sighed, “Never mind… I’ll try to get in contact with her…”

As I began to get up, her hand grabbed a hold of my wrist, keeping me in my place where I was sitting next to her.

Her hand moved down into mine, slowly intertwining our fingers.

“Don’t…” she whispered, pausing for a second before continuing, “Don’t go…”

“I thought-”

She shook her head, “No… I-I don’t need to meet her… I’m sorry… I’m just being paranoid…”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… I’m sure.”

“Okay,” I replied, still slightly unsure myself.

“Just forget I ever mentioned it… It was stupid anyway.”

I nodded, looking over her facial expression to be certain that everything was really okay and she wasn’t just saying that it was.

“I’m fine,” she reassured me, smiling softly, “just lay with me…?”

“Course,” I nodded, returning the gentle smile.

She crawled under the covers, me following her lead and laying under them beside her.

Her small body curled up into my chest as I wrapped my arms around her securely, silently praying that there will never be a day I can’t hold her like this.


I know this is short,
but wattpad was being effing annoying and not wanting to save. -_-

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