So, we get halfway through the week, meaning its Wednesday, and I haven’t seen Harry anywhere. You find it strange that I’m looking for him, don’t you?

Well, listen, I woke up in his bed with just a t shirt, which was also his, and my undergarments on. Don’t you think you would want an explanation as well? That’s what I thought.

Maybe he’s avoiding me. But why would he be avoiding me? Unless he lied and something really did happen between us when I was drunk, there’s no reason to stay away from me. Besides, he should tell me if something did go down.

You know, I’ll worry about this later. Right now I need to focus on seeing if I remember how to get to my maths class.

As I walked down the hallway, I turned multiple corners and still hadn’t found the room. Where could it be? I knew the music room was down here; maybe Mr Bernd could help me out.

Whilst I neared the room, I heard soft strumming of a guitar and the very faint sound of a voice singing. I couldn’t tell if they were any good because, like I said, it was very faint.

After deciding it was probably just Mr Bernd practicing for one of his classes, I twisted the knob and pulled back the door. In order to try not to scare the life out of him, I let the door make a noise as it shut. The strumming of the guitar stopped instantly as I crept down the little corridor into the full room. When I got there I was beyond confused, but also relieved.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” I quizzed.

“I could ask you the same. Shouldn’t you be getting to class?” He asked as he set the guitar down, leaning it against the wall.

“Look who’s talking,” I scoffed. “Besides, I would be there if I could remember how to get to the room.”

“Go right out of this room, down the hall, turn left and he’s the second door on the right-hand side.”

“Don’t think you’re getting away so quickly. I want to know what happened on Saturday night at the party…why I woke up wearing your shirt and hardly anything else.”

“You’re going to hate yourself if I tell you, Jade.”

“God, what do I need to do to get you to tell me? Give you a lap dance?”

“That is pretty tempting.”

“I wasn’t being serious.”

“Well that’s too bad. I guess you’ll never know.”

“Harryyyy,” I whined. He just smirked at me. Jack ass.

“Seriously, I’ll do anything if you just tell me,” I begged.

“Anything?” he clarified sounding intrigued.

Anything.” Oh dear God, what have I just gotten myself into.

“Okay, fine.”

Harry paced the room for a few minutes thinking whilst I stood there nervously. Honestly, I’m terrified to find out what he’s thinking about. What if it has to do with me in his bedroom again? I really don’t want that.

God, I’m so stupid. If I could, I would go hit my head against the wall repeatedly for the amount of my stupidity. You never know, maybe it could knock some sense into me. That’d be nice for a change.

“Go out with me tonight,” he spoke catching me completely off guard.

“Sorry?” I said with a raised eyebrow.

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