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So let me clear things up a bit... I stopped updating due to a busy schedule, but not just that. I also stopped updating because I honestly thought that people had lost interest and wouldn't continue to read on. You all let me know what you think I should do, because I won't be able to update all of the time being busy with school and work, but I will do my very best. Thank you for being patient with me, I truly appreciate it, really. Thank you.
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Harry POV

"I want her. I get her and you're free to go, but if you try to get in the way I'll kill her in front of you...slowly."

My jaw clenched, the tightness of my fists turning my knuckles white as I struggled not to beat the shit out of him. I would have, had I known where the key to these chains was. Now I have to do whatever he wants. Anything as long as Gabby's safe.

"Oh, and, Harry, I lied. Gabby's right here," Jason said.

I looked towards him as he lifted a filthy bedsheet (that I hope was covered in dirt and nothing else), revealing Gabby's limp body.

My breath hitched in my throat, "Is she..."

Jason let out a low, amused chuckle, "Dead? Is that what you were going to say? Please do finish your sentences, Harry; it's rude to leave someone guessing."

"Yes. Now answer me," I ordered through gritted teeth.

He walked over to her motionless body and pressed his fingers to the underside of her wrist, leaving it there for much longer than necessary.

"Lucky for you, I suppose, she's still breathing...for now," he taunted.

"I swear to God, if you hurt her-"

"You'll what, Harry? Shout at me, cuss me out, cry yourself to sleep?" he snickered, "I mean, it's going to be literally impossible for you to do anything to me, being chained to a wall as you are."

Oh don't you worry, you bastard, I'll find my way out of these constraints. After all, it's not the first time someone's chained me up.

Gabby's POV

My eyelids slowly fluttered open, brows furrowed as my pupils dilated, and soon enough I was able to make out my surroundings. Though I could swear that I had gone unconscious - possibly by fault of getting hit with something given the headache I awoke with - the setting of place had not seemed to change at all. I was still at home, in bed, waiting for Harry to come back from the store.

Gosh, I wonder how long I was out for?

I pulled myself up out of the bed and walked down to the kitchen, picking up my phone to check the time.

Wednesday, 7:43pm.

Wait... Wednesday? I thought today was Sunday?

Before I could think about it any further, my phone began to ring, scaring me half to death with it's maximum volume ringtone. As my heartbeat started to gradually decrease to normal, I slid my finger across the screen and placed the phone up to my ear.


"Hi, uh, is this, uh, Gabby?" a man asked in a seemingly nervous yet urgent way.

"Yes, this is she. May I ask whom is calling?"

"Y-yeah, the hospital. All we could find was a phone that's pretty much broken beyond functioning and this number was the emergency contact," he paused, "and then the phone blacked out... I think it's completely done for now. Unless you-"

"Sorry," I interrupted his ramblings, "but would you mind telling me why the hospital is contacting me?"

"Oh! Right! Sorry, ma'am, it's my, uh... I'm new here, kind of nerve-racking," he laughed uncomfortably, then cleared his throat before continuing, "Yes, there is a male here, John Doe as of right now, who is in extremely bad condition. He's going to be taken back for surgery, once they manage to get his heart rate somewhat back to normal, I believe."

My breath hitched in my throat, no.

"Does he have brown curly hair and green eyes?" I asked, worry clear in my voice as I rushed out to my car and started it.

"He hasn't opened his eyes and his hair is to wet and bloody for them to be able to determine what colour it is."

"D-does he have a lot of tattoos?"

"Y'know, I didn't actually see him, I was just asked to make the call and let you know in case you can identify the body."


"No! No, no. I mean person! He's alive... for now, but you should hurry."

I tossed my phone over to the passenger side of my car as I sped towards the direction of the hospital, my heart racing yet clenching at the same time.

Was it Harry? Could it be someone else? Why would he be so beaten up? Had he lost his phone somehow and someone else found it?

I parked my car and ran into the hospital as fast as humanly possible, stopping at the front desk to give my name, waiting incomprehensibly impatient and worsening by the second for a room number or something.

"Looking at the times for John Doe arrivals... I believe the one you're searching for is in room D36, just come back if that's incorrect."

The receptionist barely finished getting her last sentence out before I was off, racing to section D of the hospital and spinning round looking at numbers on doors.

Room D36, there it is.

I hurriedly made my way into the room, pushing a curtain out of the way and revealing at least six doctors and nurses crowded around this body which very well could be Harry's.

"Clear!" a doctor announced just before pressing the defibrillator's pads against his chest.

The same action was repeated maybe three times after as I stood on my tip-toes, desperately trying to get some sort of view of the man limboing between life and death before my very eyes.

The sound of the flatline eventually registered in my ears as a few of the doctors and nurses walked away from the gurney looking as though they were certain of themselves as being failures.

"Time of death, 20:27," the main doctor sighed as he looked at his watch.

Finally I could see the man's face and-

Everything goes black.

Author's Note:
Hey everyone! So, after that emotional rollercoaster I'd like to announce that I will be officially returning to the Wattpad community, though it will probably just be when I'm writing an update, and that I have an amazing idea for a story to write along with this one and oh my gosh I'm super excited about it! Eeep! Haha, sorry for that. I'll let you know what it's going to be called and when it will be published on Wattpad in the next update for this story. Thank you!

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