A/N: Just an FYI, the intimate scenes will be pretty descriptive, so if you don't like that kind of thing, I wouldn't read those parts.

"Stop," I giggled whilst placing my palm to Harry's chest, trying to push myself off; he kept nibbling on my ear and it was cute, but it tickled. 

My efforts were proved useless as he pulled me closer to him.

Abby raised her eyebrow at us and the other girls just laughed. I think that secretly Harry was plotting on getting them to leave so we could be alone.

He laid back on the sofa, which we had to ourselves, and pulled me on top of him by my wrist.

My cheeks were surely on fire, knowing that someone was bound to glance over. That, however, didn't stop Harry from pulling me down further to kiss him.

 As much as I wanted to resist him due to the company I had, he wouldn’t allow it and ended up on top of me after I refused to kiss him.

I was shocked by his actions and the fact that none of the girls had noticed. They were all too into the movie that was currently on the telly, which was fine with me considering the circumstances.

Harry smirked at me, obviously fond of the fact that he was in total control now. His hand slipped under my tank top as he drew circles with his fingers over the soft skin. Goosebumps rose on the skin as he touched it each time.

My hand flew up to my mouth to try and stifle my laughter when his fingers unexpectedly moved to my sides and he started tickling me.

I failed at hiding my laughter after only a few more seconds and started thrashing underneath him. I successfully turned myself over so that I was lying on my stomach, but it didn’t stop him from tickling me.

Glares were received from my friends that had been trying to watch a movie, but I couldn’t help it.

When he finally stopped tickling me, I had tears formed in my eyes from laughing so hard.

The girls went back to concentrating on the movie whilst Harry still had other plans. Realisation hit me when he kissed my cheek and started trailing the kisses down along my neck. Luckily he stopped just before someone turned the TV off.

All of the girls started to get up and fold their blankets. I was going to get my phone out of my pocket to check the time, but it was in my back pocket and that would put my hand very close to his…area.

He must have noticed when I pulled my hand back away from where I was reaching and ended up taking my phone out for me. It felt weird when he removed it from the tight pocket of my pyjama shorts versus is I would have done it. Then again, it still would have seemed weird because of how close my hand would’ve been to him.

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