I followed a safe distance behind him on foot and noticed him walk toward a bench and sit down next to a woman.

Great, this is exactly what I feared.

My breathing was starting to become heavy as I felt tears coming on when Harry reached out and put his hand on her knee. She smiled up at him and she was so beautiful. Her eyes met mine and widened.

“Gabriella?” she breathed and Harry’s head snapped around.

“Did you follow me?” he asked clearly irritated.

How does she know my name?
Why was Harry’s hand on her knee?
Why did she smile at him?
How come I feel like the world around me is spinning in circles as I’m standing still?

Harry’s POV


So much has happened in just the last two days. Gabby almost broke up with me, Mikey assaulted me, and then Gabby tried to run away from me.

When Gabby tried to break up with me, I was beyond confused. I had just stood there trying to think of what I’d done wrong.

She couldn’t break up with me. That was not allowed to happen. I would have been screwed if she didn’t take me back. Fucking screwed.

Our past together was great and sure it’d be nice if she remembered it, but I’m okay with who she is now. Granted she’s not the same girl as she was back then, but it couldn’t matter to me. Hell, I actually think I like this girl better.

I still like who she was, but I can’t help not to adore who she has become. She’s feistier, more dominating, less girly, and more addicting. Yes, she’s addicting.

I’ve never had a girl be addicting before, and I’ll tell you, I’ve been with plenty. She doesn’t need to worry about that though. If she did know, she’d try and break up with me again. And if that happened, I don’t know how I’d get her back. I’ve already used the “I love you” speech and it almost didn’t work.

The thing I didn’t understand was how she had blatantly lied to my face the other night about actually seeing the name that flashed across the screen. Yeah, I still would’ve been pissed at the fact that she was snooping, but maybe then things wouldn’t have blown up in my face so badly.

All I know is that she can’t know who Miranda is. It isn’t safe for her to know and it’s my job to keep her protected.

There are so many sick people out there that want to get her for various reasons and the fact that she’s got quite the mouth for talking back is not a great quality against it.

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