Quick Refresher:

Laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling - it's not all that fun.

"Gabby," Zayn's voice interrupted my peaceful silence with a gentle knock on the doorframe.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the ceiling; I replied in a quiet voice, "I'm fine."

He sighed and laid down next to me, turning on his side to face me. I looked over at him, slightly confused.

Doesn't he hate me?

"We need to talk," he stated.

"About what?"

"About your past...about Harry and what really happened."

I furrowed my eyebrows, "What are you talking about?"

"You should know the truth," he replied simply.

Sitting up, I turned to face him and waited for further explanation.

He then took a deep breath - obviously preparing himself for some kind of speech.

"So...I'll start from the beginning..." he paused.

"Everything that Harry already told you about when you were younger is true. However, he left out a lot of what happened after that."

"What do you mean?" I asked inquisitively.

"Just...try to hold all of your questions until I'm finished; I'll explain everything."

Opening my mouth to speak, I quickly shut it and nodded in response to his request.

"Thank you. So, as I was saying... He left out many things that had happened."

I continued to listen to him, growing more anxious by each word he spoke.

"Harry didn't exactly come to your father - it was pretty much the opposite. Your father convinced the police not to arrest Harry, even after his multiple offenses that were just piling up day after day."

"He took Harry to his home, but Harry was very reluctant and stubborn. He kept saying that he didn't need help from anyone and that he was fine on his own."

"But your father holds an iron fist, so to speak, and doesn't acknowledge anyone's refusal to anything, ever."

"Respect was always expected, and if you managed to get on his good side - a very difficult thing to do - he would show respect towards you also."

"Anyway, what happened was that Harry finally gave in and decided to accept the offer that your father made. I, too, was new to this whole 'business' and was waiting for my first 'assignment'."

"Harry and I became friends quickly, but it didn't end up lasting very long. Your father put us into a 'challenge' against each other."

"You were the target - gaining your trust and getting close to you was our objective."

"In the end, Harry won and was given the job of being your protector. I, on the other hand, was instructed to withdraw myself from every aspect of your life."

Confused, I interrupted him despite his request not to.

"Why did he make you do that?"

"Because I let it get personal, and he didn't like that."

"How did you let it get 'personal'?"

He sighed softly, "I fell in love with you..."

Oh... o.o Sneaky is my middle name, especially with all the twists in this story. Haha. Sorry about the cliffhanger... I will try to update by tomorrow night as long as I'm not too busy with homework. xx

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