“Oh, I’m the prick? Does she know about Brittany? What about Jason? Have you told her that yet? Or are you still too much of a pussy to tell her? Wait…don’t answer that, I already know the last one was right.”

I got to my feet, infuriated. He has no right to say those things to me. No right at all.

“I don’t need your shit and I swear to God, I’d beat the living shit out of you if she weren’t here. You don’t get to talk about Brittany, that’s fucking low. And no, she doesn’t know about Jason because her father doesn’t want her to. Stop putting your mouth where it doesn’t belong and fuck off.”

“Nah, I quite like it here. After all, I do get to see Gabby in short/tight clothing and touch her…I’m just waiting for the day you leave her here alone so I can show her what a real man is like.”

“You’re not even close to being a real man,” I growled, forcing him back against the couch with my hand around his neck.

All the stupid ass did was smirk and chuckle. I want to take him out in a dark alleyway and make sure he never comes back around Gabby or me ever again.

“You won’t hurt me, she’d take my side and you know,” he struggled to antagonise me further with my hand pushing more forcefully on his throat.

“One day soon, I will hurt you and I’ll make sure you never come back. And by that, I mean that I’m going to kill you,” I growled in his ear before walking back upstairs to our bedroom.

Gabby looked up at me from her phone when I walked in and sat beside her on the bed.

“What happened?” she asked curiously.

“Nothing. He wouldn’t tell me anything. Just leave it alone,” I replied slightly annoyed still.

“Are you okay?…”

I need to ask or I’m going to rip my hair out.

“Did you kiss him first?”

“What?” she asked, completely taken aback.

“You heard me. Just answer.”


My fists balled up tightly as I clenched my jaw in anger.

“I know I shouldn’t have…but I thought we were over this already?”

“I thought we were too, but that was before I knew you were the one to make the first move.”

“I felt bad!”

“You think I give a shit how you felt? I don’t! All I care about is the fact that you kissed him first and let him lay you down in our bed. God, if you’re going to cheat on me, at least use your brain and get a fucking hotel room.”

Her eyes were filling up with tears, but to be honest, I don’t give two shits right now if she cries. She cheated on me.

“I need to go…I need to leave,” I mumbled.

“No…no, please don’t…” she begged, her voice cracking slightly as a tear slipped down her cheek.

“I just need to think, okay? I’ll come back later.”

I ran a hand through my hair, forcing myself to look away from her.

“Maybe,” I muttered quietly enough that she wouldn’t hear it.

She nodded, oblivious to my inaudible ‘maybe’, and I walked out of the room with my phone, keys, and wallet.

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