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As soon as we reached the hospital parking lot, I unbuckled my seatbelt and flung the door open, speed walking to the entrance and ignoring Liam calling after me to slow down and wait for him.

Passing the front desk, I kept going to the lift and went up to the floor Melissa’s room was on, tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for the doors to open.

My head turned from side to side, glancing down the halls, which were filled with nurses, doctors, wheeled beds, and all the other usual things you find in hospitals.

The only odd part was how busy it seemed to be on this floor. If I remembered correctly, this floor was supposed to be one of the more relaxed ones…

A head of brown curly hair caught my eye as soon as one of the doctors moved to a nurse and began a conversation.

Harry. It has to be Harry.

I made my way down the hall quicker than I probably should have – considering how crowded it was – to get to him faster.

Even though I have no idea if that “riddle” was a real threat, – or even about Harry and his sister, for that matter – I still had to be sure they were okay, and my gut told me I shouldn’t ignore these types of things anymore.

My hand grabbed onto the fabric of his shirt and I tugged on it, attempting to get his attention.

He spun around slowly and his glassy eyes went wide at the sight of me, clearly surprised to see me in front of him.

Instantly, I took his hand in mine and intertwined our fingers, trying to figure out why his cheeks were red. A silent tear slipped down his face and continued down to the floor.

“Harry,” I practically whispered, “what’s wrong?”

He bit down on his bottom lip hard; holding in freshly formed tears in his eyes and pulled me into his chest, hugging me tightly.

His body was slightly shaking and I could hear the shallow breaths he was taking as he held me close and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“What happened?” I quizzed in a soft voice next to his ear.

A deep, shaky breath was inhaled before he even began to answer my question.

“S-she’s…s-she’s gone,” he choked out through the obvious struggle he was having trying desperately not to break down.

My heart sank as soon as the words spoken to me sunk in.

“Melissa?” I clarified just to be sure I wasn’t assuming the worst.

I felt him nod and hugged him even tighter.

They just found each other and now she’s gone again…but forever this time.

As badly as I wanted to know what happened to her, I held my tongue for his sake and forced myself to wait until he was in a more stable state of mind then the one he was in now.

We stood there for a while, just holding each other in a comfortable silence.

* * *

I was sat on the bed, looking through my phone just to entertain myself somewhat as I waited for Harry to get out of the shower.

Somehow I’d managed to get him back to the house – maybe it was just that he was feeling too weak inside to fight against it, maybe not. I don’t know or really care as long as he’s home and safe.

He was silent when he walked back into the bedroom and pulled on a pair of boxers before crawling onto the bed next to me. His lips pecked my cheek, causing me to smile.

I felt his lips move along my jaw to down my neck and a shiver went down my spine.

“Harry…what are you doing?” I asked confused and curious.

“Shh,” he replied quietly, “I need a distraction…”

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