Harry’s POV


It’s been six weeks. I only know because I’m constantly reminded. She’s so anxious for this to work out and I’m sitting here wondering how the hell I’m going to do it.

What do I know about raising a kid? Nothing. I don’t know shit and here we are waiting for the damn test results to see if she’s pregnant.

I know it will make her happy if she is, and I want nothing more than for her to be happy, but this is a little bit much. It’s not something you can just take back and say you don’t want it. You have to deal with it for the rest of your life.

It’s not that I don’t want to have kids; I just don’t want them right now. I’m only twenty-two and she’s nineteen. Why in the hell would you want something like that at such a young age?

“Baby, stop pacing; it’s not going to make the time go by any faster,” I told her.

She didn’t listen to me; she just kept pacing across the bedroom.

Eventually she looked down at her phone and went off to the bathroom. Well, this is it. We’re either going to be parents or we’re not.

“What did it say?” I asked when she came back in.

She walked over to the spot on the bed next to me and laid down on her back. I semi-copied her actions by lying down next to her on my side.

“I’m not pregnant,” she sighed.

“Is it me? Am I the reason I can’t get pregnant?”

“I don’t know, baby. Maybe it’s just that the timing isn’t right. We’re both still young.”

“I know we’re young. It’s just that…after I lost the other baby I really wanted one. I still want one, but I guess you’re right; we should just wait.”

“We’ll have one at some point, okay?”

She nodded in understanding and I moved closer to kiss her.

I could tell she still wasn’t very happy. She really wanted this to happen and I do feel bad for her, but at the same time I have to admit that I am slightly relieved.

“Are you okay?” I asked after a little while of silence.

“Yeah,” she replied.

She sat up and rested her elbows on her knees, so I sat up beside her and put my hand on her back, trying to soothe her somewhat.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, not buying into her first answer.

“Did you want it as much as I did?”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. I was too shocked by the question. Why would she even ask me that?

“Honestly, Harry, did you want me to be pregnant?” she continued to push.

“I don’t know. It scared the shit out of me to think that we might be having a kid. We’re so young and…I don’t really know anything about babies.”

“So, what you’re really saying is that you didn’t want me to be pregnant, right?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but she cut me off.

“Don’t even answer that. I already know what you’re going to say.”

“What am I going to say then?” I quizzed, curious to hear her answer.

“You were going to make up some shitty excuse about how that’s not what you meant and I really don’t want to hear it.”

She got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. I ran my hand through my hair before going out after her. Why is she being like this?

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