WARNING: Will include violence, blood, vulgar language, detailed intimate scenes, tears, and a lot of drama. If you are not into these types of things, you may skip over those parts or not read at all. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. You have been warned.

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It was just the usual Monday morning. Well, except that it was the first day of school… For me, anyway. I’d already have a problem with switching schools, but in the middle of the year? That was just unacceptable.

I got my lazy arse out of bed and shiftlessly carried myself to the bathroom. Today was just a day to be dilly dallying in my mind; I didn’t quite care for the new school. However, I didn’t want to risk being late for my first day. That would just cause more attention to me than what I would have preferred.

After rushing through my shower, I quickly brushed out my hair and blow dried it. Once my hair was completely dry, I loosely curled it and brushed my bangs out to the side where they belonged. My outfit for the day consisted of a white sleeveless shirt that tied in the front and black shorts with tan flip-flops. I always go natural with makeup, so it was just mascara, black eyeliner, nude lip gloss, and tan/gold eye shadow.

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