Not So Unwilling: Chapter Thirty Three

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OK so last chapter I got these really great comments about how much guys SUCK! So if you are reading this story and you are a guy, please leave a comment and stick up for yourself! or if you wanna share your guy experiences (good OR bad) please do!!! I'd love to hear it!

I love this chapter. Everything is SO happy. :)


Chapter Thirty Three

                Tim pulled away from the kiss with a smug look on his face, "Not so unwilling, now, huh?"

                I giggled and playfully hit him on the shoulder... wait... did I just giggle? Oh my God I was turning into a shameless flirt. What was the world turning into?! I needed to wash my mouth out with soap, cleanse all the giggle out of my system.

                Tim stopped and looked at me with his serious face on. "So I guess this means that we're official now."

                I smiled. "I guess it does."

                Tim smiled back and pulled me to his chest for a hug. He hugged me and I hugged him back and we were happy.

The rest of the week was filled entirely with Tim and I being a real couple and as much as I hated to admit it, I absolutely loved it. Being with Tim made me all warm and happy inside. I was happier during that week than I had ever been in my entire life. It was a lot better than when I was with Jake or any other loser I had dated. With Tim I was always on my toes 24/7 waiting, yearning to see him and have his arm wrapped securely around my waist to kindle the flame that burned between us. Life was good.

                Friday night I didn't have a soccer game, but the West High School Varsity Football Team had a game against Kensington High. Kensington had once been the best football team in the state a few years back when they had their star player, Owen Jackson who was 5'11, 195 pounds, and the fastest running back in history. But, when he left for college, the team fell to pieces and they were just starting to pick the pieces back up that year with fresh, young faces and new talent. Unfortunately, everyone knew that there was no chance that Kensington could possibly beat West, which just so happened to take Kensington's place as number one when they fell. But, every one still wanted to go to the game to see West crush our old rivals to smithereens, including Lauren, James, and me.

                "Hey, Jazz, should I wear the red shirt with the gold cougar on it with these pants or the black one that says West in red?" Asked Lauren as we got ready for the football game in her bedroom. I was applying gold glitter eye shadow on my eyelids and I kept accidentally getting it in my eyes and having to take out my contacts to wash them out.

                I looked up at Lauren who was standing in a pair of white jean shorts and her purple zebra bra holding up the two t-shirts. Lauren was SO into clothes and always had to look absolutely perfect; whereas, I was the complete opposite. I just wore whatever the hell I could find in my messy drawers, which so happened to be a pair of black skinny jeans, an oversized, red soccer shirt that I had cut the neckline off so that it hung off of one shoulder, and one red flip flop and one yellow one. I was really showing the school spirit when I had decided to spray strands of my black hair with temporary red hair dye I had found in Lauren's bathroom closet. I looked like a crazy, diehard West fan, but hey that's exactly what I was!

                "Uh- I would wear the black one," I said, picking a random shirt by doing eenie-meenie-minie-mo.

                Lauren looked down. "You're right. Black looks really good with my light skin tone."

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