Not So Unwilling: Chapter Fourteen

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OK, here's another part. It's even shorter than last chapter! Sorry!!!!!



Chapter Fourteen

After we exchanged phone numbers and made a plan that we would meet each other in the library after my soccer practice and his football practice, Tim and I parted ways. I went to the girls' locker room and I changed. Then, I went with my friends to the turf and we did some hardcore drills for two hours. We started out with two miles around the track. Then, we did a kind of group suicide drill were we had to dribble the ball with us while we sprinted. After, we did a defensive drill were we had to go 1 on 1 with another person and see who could get control of the ball for one minute. Lastly, we did 4 v 4's for the rest of practice. Coach was intent on the WHS girl's soccer team winning Nationals this year. Last year we had come so close to getting to the top 2, but our star player got a severe concussion and was in the hospital for a week undergoing treatment.

After practice, I took a quick shower and threw on the clothes I had worn to school that day, although I felt incredibly uncomfortable in them. I walked up to the second floor to the library and scanned the room for Tim. He hadn't arrived yet, so I claimed a table and signed out a Mac laptop. I booted it up and began to surf google.

The school library was about to close and Tim still hadn't shown up. It was 6:45 and the library closed at 7, so I just shut the laptop and plugged it back into the cart. I gathered the notes I had taken and walked out of the library. The librarian left right behind me.

I was pissed. Tim had ditched me. We were supposed to be working on this project together and he obviously didn't give a shit. I was fuming in the car when Weightless by All Time Low began to play from my backpack. I waited until a red light to get my phone. It was from Tim.

Sry I ddnt show up @ th lib. Coach made me stay late 2 run a few m. u cn cme 2 my hous 2nite if u wnt nd we cn wrk on it. My rents r out o town 2 ;)

I texted back: ok. Ill b there in 15. same address?

He texted back: yeah

I made an illegal u-turn and headed over to the rich neighborhood that Tim lived in. I knew were he lived because his house was only a few houses down form Lauren. Also, because I went over to his house after he broke Lauren's heart planning on beating him up. Instead, Tim wasn't home and I had had a very awkward conversation with his mother.

I pulled into Tim's driveway and looked through my windshield at his house. It was a little bigger than Lauren's house which was about the size of the White House. Tim's house was pretty much a mini castle. I got out of my car and walked up to the front doors. It opened right away and a sweet little Mexican maid led me inside the expensively furnished house and up to Tim's bedroom.

I felt awkward going into Tim's bedroom. I mean who knew what Tim could do to me. His parents weren't around and that just made the situation worse. I gently knocked on the door, but the music in his room was blasting too loud. So, I opened the door and what I saw, I automatically slammed the door back shut and backed away from the door.

Tim had been just getting out of the shower... completely naked.


Ok, so I originally had instead of Tim just coming out of the shower, Lauren giving Tim head.....but I changed it because that just totally ruined some of my ideas for this story so.... I know that some of you re glad becasue Jasmine gets to see Tim NAKED! I wish I was her...... sigh........

Hope you liked it!



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