Not So Unwilling: Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

I leaned against the stair railing and waited for Tim to come out... fully dressed. There was no way in hell I was going back in there until I knew for sure. Who knew what other surprises I would see?

I had seen Tim butt-ass naked, just coming out of his bathroom of his flipping humungous room. He wasn't wearing a towel around his waist like you would expect a guy to do after he gets out of the shower. He was naked. He had looked up at me with a startled expression and before anything else happened, I slammed the door shut and now I was standing like an idiot outside his room.

But, damn, did that boy have an amazing body. His shoulders were wide and strong and his chest was like a masterpiece carved out of stone. He had a six pack and that V thing going on along his hips that kept narrowing until it reached his... You get the point. And his uh... you know what, was pretty big, not that I would know considering I'd never really seen one on a real person before. His shoulders were incredibly nice too. Not disgustingly buff like the guys on The Jersey Shore, but muscular in a good way, an incredibly attractive way... but I wasn't supposed to be thinking like that. Tim was the scum of the Earth... just incredibly hot and sexy scum of the Earth.

Tim finally opened up the door of his room, thankfully in a pair of black sweatpants and gray tank top. He looked even hotter clothed than naked.

He locked eyes with me and smiled. "Liked what you saw? If you want, we could both take our clothes off and have some fun, since you're my girlfriend now and everything." He moved closer to me and laced his fingers through mine.

Where he touched me, burned with a fire, so hot I felt like I was getting a third degree burn. I pulled my hand away and backed up against the railing. "No, thanks, Tim. I'd rather not. Plus, I wasn't that impressed. I've seen much bigger," I lied.

Tim's eyebrows scrunched together in an expression of anger. He pressed his body against mine and I gripped the railing tightly so I wouldn't topple over it and fall twenty feet to my death. I could feel Tim's body through our thin clothing. And I couldn't help but think about what he looked like underneath the fabric.

"You've seen other guys' dicks? Who's?" He sounded jealous.

I smiled an evil smile. "Oh, I've seen plenty."

"You're a liar."

"No, I'm not. I'm telling the truth. I'm not as innocent as you think, Timothy."

I was lying, of course, and surprisingly Tim was buying the entire thing because he looked incredibly pissed off. I couldn't reckon why he would be jealous. Why would he care if I saw other guys?

"Are you a virgin?" He asked, pressing me further against the railing. I got a little scared and clutched the railing tighter. He could have easily pushed me over.

"Maybe. Maybe not," I teased.

"You are. I know it."

"Yeah, and I know for a fact that you aren't a virgin anymore," I said rolling my eyes at him.

He smiled and put his hands on my shoulders and moved them down to where I was clutching the railing. "What if I told you I was?"

I glared at him, "Then I would say that you are a lying piece of shit of a man and probably kick you in the balls until you can never have sex again."

"Whoa, whoa, a little harsh, Schmoopie," he said laughing. He stopped laughing and looked serious, "I wish I was a virgin though."

I gave him a weird look. Who would have ever thought that the biggest man whore, sex-addicted guy alive would have ever said those words? Flying blue pigs were about to come busting through the window any minute. "Why do you say that? I thought you loved having sex?"

"I do, but I wish that my first time would have been with you."


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