Not So Unwilling: Chapter Twenty Five

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                Chapter Twenty Five

                The Maine came out onto stage and I was pretty sure that I was going to faint any moment. My eyes skipped over the guys in the band that I didn't really care about and landed on John O'Callaghan. He looked so effing sexy in a white v-neck t-shirt that showed off some of the tattoo on his chest and skinny jeans that hung low on his hips.

                I wanted to run up on stage and jump on his like a horny lion, but I restrained myself and just screamed along with the crowd.

                I turned to Tim who was staring at me like some creeper. I flicked him on the shoulder and looked back at the stage. The Maine started out with Right Girl. I screamed and belted out the lyrics:

Got caught running up a tab

Couldn't drive home, so I had to share a cab

Introduced herself by her last name

The kind of girl you steal from the football team

Brought up, a sliver spoon mess

Always trying to tear off her catholic dress

Told me she's over this place

Needs to feel the Midwest wind in her face

But the alcohol made its way down

She was the last thing that I saw last night before I hit the ground

                Tim took a hold of my hand and began to twirl me around. At that moment, I was so happy. I was in a club watching sexy John O'Callaghan belt out amazing lyrics with his luscious lips as I danced with my hot, fake boyfriend. I was plastered in sweat and I knew that I looked like a wild mess, but not of that mattered. I was sincerely, genuinely happy and those moments were so rare for me.

                It got even better when all of a sudden my feet weren't touching the ground anymore and I was up in the air. Tim and the cute guy I had danced with earlier had teamed up and lifted me up on their shoulders. I felt like I was flying and I could see the stage so much better. John was SO hot, I almost died.

                He was now singing Everything I Ask For. I sang along to the lyrics and stared at him. And then, all of a sudden, he looked at me. John O'Callaghan looked at me and he... and he pointed... HE POINTED AT ME!

                I was going to faint. I knew it. I was going to. My head felt like it was ready for takeoff and my heart was beating SO fast.

                I screamed and pointed back at him. He smiled as he was singing and I swear to God, I saw him blink.

                "Oh my God, I cannot believe that John O'Callaghan pointed, smiled, AND winked at me!" I said for about the thousandth time as Tim and I sat in traffic, "Wait, just wait till I tell Lauren. She's going to kill me!"

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